PSP Media Manager on 64-bit?

So uh, Sony? I’d love to give you my money in exchange for that Patapon 2 game you just released today. You know, the one you’re “experimenting” with selling via the Playstation Store online, and only selling vouchers at retail? Yeah, that one.

Something tells me the results of your “experiment” might end up skewed. Your Media Manager software I need to run on my PC to buy stuff, uh, doesn’t install on 64-bit Vista. Or 64-bit XP, for that matter. Can you please fix your software so I can give you my money in exchange for your videogames?

QT3 crowd, has anyone figured out a trick to getting the software to install and run properly on 64-bit Vista? Maybe my Google-fu is weak, but I couldn’t find any real help.

Can’t help on the 64-bit issue, but you can alternatively purchase the sofware either via direct Wifi to your PSP or via your PS3.

Yeah, I think that’s my only recourse. Which means I’ll have to wait awhile. Oh well.

If it makes you feel any better, the game doesn’t look like it’s available yet anyways. I’ve been checking every now and then waiting to buy it.

They dont have a store built into the psp browser?

Yes they do.

So, uh, why don’t you just use the store which is built into the PSP browser?

Probably because he’s not near a wifi spot that he has access to at the moment. It’s like that for me at work unfortunately. Would be nice if it had a G3 connection. :p