PSP - no units shipped in 2007

Look at these numbers:

They’re cumulative numbers. Look at the bottom of the table and you’ll see that the overall numbers of units shipped to the US and Europe has remained static at 9.58m/8.89m since 12/31/06. Sony hasn’t shipped a single PSP into either of those territories since the end of last year, and only about 1m combined since the end of last September. Presumably because there are already plenty gathering dust on retail shelves.

Man, that’s bad.

That is a bummer, particularly since the PSP became actually worth having near the end of last year.

Sony should just say fuck it, and implement xvid/divx in an official software release, and then market it as a portable video player. They’d make a killing.

Either way they need to get off the rotating media and onto memory based media.

On a personal note I just can’t get excited about the unit in it’s current form factor.

It could be a lot slimmer without that godawful drive. I should tear mine out and just use that area as memory stick storage.

With how cheap memory sticks are getting, it would be great to see them introduce games that ran via the memory slot. Would be slightly painful with respect to savegames, but should still be doable.

Eh? you save would just be on the same stick. You can rip your UMDs now anyways. I’ve been installing these things like they are pc games (use the UMD once, then shelve it)

Still prefer the DS though, zero ghosting beats out blurry ps2 style.

Add in better support for wireless media extender functionality including the ability to use the streaming playback feature with whatever DVDs you want to put into your PC, and that’s all I think I’d need in a device of that class. I still miss playing Lumines from time to time (got rid of mine after several months of not using it).

I don’t have any of the weird firmware that lets you do that kind of thing. For savegames, I know you could save it to the stick but that would leave you with smaller space, so more limitations. And if you have multiple people playing the same game or something, it could be annoying. As long as you could still copy saves on and off, it would be fine though.

Make the PSP into the NeoGeo of handhelds, eh? Big games, BIG expensive memory cards to hold them?

(yes, I know there was an actual NeoGeo handheld)

Well, it DOES play neogeo games at a fair clip.

And when you look at the sales data, you see that the price drop had a little bump but that things have settled right back down. I’m pretty sure EU will do the same in a couple of weeks.

The way I look at it is this - so long as it sells well enough to (a) keep good games coming out and (b) keep Nintendo honest, and badly enough to stem typical Sony arrogance … I’m happy!

Big expensive memory cards? You can get a 4 gig for 60 bucks if you look around. If you strip out the FMV from UMD games it holds a bunch, and they have super fast load times.

The best things about the PSP are things that Sony never took advantage of, or even outright blocked. They have just recently started to come around, offering dowloadable content and letting users put their own videos on it using the good resolution, but it’s probably too little too late.

So the game itself would be free then?

You don’t need four gigs for a game. Doesn’t UMD only hold like 2 gigs? And most games probably don’t fill it up. And if they knew memory sticks were their target, they could easily go out of their way to make shit fit.

Obviously. But the point is that memory cards are exponentially more expensive than discs. So game prices would go up, profit margins would go down, games would shrink, or some combination of some or all of the above.

The PSP is a net savvy gaming platform. Sell the game as a downloadable with some DRM scheme. No media required! As a complement to standard UMD game sales that might work out well.

The loading times are my one big complaint with PSP games so I’d be tickled pink to be able to play off of memory card without having to resort to hacking.

I’d pay $10 more for a game on a memory stick. Why not? It’s not a huge deal, and what you gain would be more than worth it.

But that would mean Nintendo had a point about solid-state game media!

No one ever really argued it. The only catch was space. For a PS2 quality game, you do need at least a gig. Probably more. When the PSP launched, putting games of that size on a memory stick definitely would’ve been cost prohibitive.