PSP: One Month Later

In honor of Kitsune’s return, I thought I’d compose a post of Kitsune-like length.

Just under a month ago, I posted here to rave about my new PSP. Of course it degenerated quickly into the tired old Nintendo vs. Sony fanboy wars, sprinkled with a healthy mix of “it’ll get old soon” and “cool! I love mine too!” responses.

Anyhow, I just got back from the trip to hawaii that really drove my PSP decision, since I wanted something to do on the airplane as well as something to keep me busy when I woke up 2 hours before the rest of my family, which is usually when I get a bunch of my computer gaming in at home.

Interestingly, I wound up doing very little actual gaming on the airplane since I was sitting with my 4-year old daughter and she wanted to talk to me for most of the flight to Hawaii. Since I don’t like to interrupt a play session with lots of pauses and I’d rather be a good dad than one who ignores his kid for the sake of uninterrupted play, I chose instead to listen to music on the PSP while reading a book on the airplane. This way Anya and I could talk as much as she wanted and I still had something to keep my mind occupied on something other than being crammed into a flying sardine can and breathing in everybody else’s farts and body odor.

When I woke up early the next morning in Hawaii, I loaded up X-Men Legends 2 and had a good 1 hour play session. I’m still amazed by the sharp graphics on such a little screen and really enjoyed myself. After that first play session, though, I didn’t look at the PSP again since I was too busy enjoying Hawaii.

I had to fly back about a week before the rest of the family, so I figured the return flight would be ideal for more PSP use. I watched my favorite video of all time - U2 Rattle & Hum - while I waited to board at the airport and marvelled at my ability to listen to music, game, or watch movies all on one device. Then I boarded the plane and felt too tired to play games – it was a red-eye flight and I’d had a busy week of surfing and snorkling – so I turned on some music and fell asleep.

As I write this I realize that my PSP usage over the past month has been approximately 5% movie viewing, 45% music listening, and 50% gaming. I sort of wish I had an ipod for the music stuff, as ipods are way smaller and a better music platform (navigation, storage, sound quality/volume) but I’m still glad I have the PSP since it’s really great for portable gaming.

If I could do it again, I wonder if I would think more about buying a cheaper Nintendo GBA or DS and a ipod nano for the same amount of dough I threw down for the PSP + memory sticks + games + movies + carry case + usb cable.

But then again, I hate cutesy nintendo games.

Kitsune like length my ass! I like my PSP too, but not near as much as my DS. Part of that is the screen, I hate the PSP out in the sunlight, it’s just not viewable at all. The DS isn’t all that better, but it’s at least playable.

Never mind about the games, which I suprisingly find infinitely more entertaining on the DS. I thought the PSP would be exactly what I wanted in a handheld, and the DS would be a flop but I was pretty much as wrong as wrong could be on that count. Hopefully the PSP will get a wave of great games like the DS did a year later, but till then it’s the DS I grab when I leave the house.

Neither system really has much for games I enjoy right now, but at least I’m still getting play out of Lumines and SNES emulation on my PSP. My DS is now an ugly and large GBA.

You still wouldn’t be watching movies on the Ipod/GBA combination. I think for an all in one entertainment center the PSP is tops. But for the specific sub-genres you can find better choices. (Ipods, or any HD based player, has more music storage in a smaller size. Portable DVD players are far more widely compatible for movies. And the GBA/DS both play some good games.)

There’s something to be said for the fact that the PSP can be what you want when you want it though. What if your daughter hadn’t wanted to talk on the plane? What if you hadn’t been to tired on the way back? Is it worth juggling 2-3 seperate devices to have all those options available?

Are you saying his daughter isn’t worth it?

Heh – I think he meant more multiple devices vs. PSP worth it.

Oh – and I’ve not found a game as addicting and enjoyable as Lumines in a long, long time.

I’m thinking about just welding the UMD door shut on my PSP. It is the thing that Lumines fits into, and remains as such.

This thread is going to degenerate into another tired old Nintendo vs. Sony fanboy war.

But anyway, the PSP is a joke and the DS’s games are WAY BETTER. The sales numbers prove my point!

Oh, and mouselock’s forgetting the cost of memory to watch movies on PSP in the equation. Yes, I think a nano and a DS/GBA are a much better combination. If I’m on a plane, I don’t mind busting out my widescreen laptop to watch movies or TV episodes, etc. I can’t really stand looking into a small screen for so long without having any interactivity.

Yeah, I know. I felt like messin’ with him.

You know, I’ve had access to a PSP since day one. The whole office has really. But it’s sat in a drawer for 90% of that time while the DS (which must be purchased individually) has spread like wildfire amongst both men and women.

I’m thinking it would get more use with a big mem stick, but as a game device it’s been a bust for me.

So, that would make it three devices, and one of them rather big, to do the same? I agree with Mouselock, it’s a great Jack of all Trades (feel free to add the ‘Master of None’-bit)… and Ryan, no way does the iPod have better sound than the PSP - with a decent pair of earphones it’s superior (but not in storage or navigation, obviously)

Oh, nevermind - I don’t want to go there again.

I brought my PSP to Vegas for CES and didn’t use it that much.
I thought I’d be watching some downloaded tv, but ended up using it for music between the inflight movies (now, that was a crappy screen, allthough slightly bigger than the one on the PSP).
In Vegas blackjack and drinks was a bigger draw than games, allthough I did go to an EB and picked up GTA: LCS as well as Advance Wars: DS for the DS (which I didn’t bring). Played some GTA.

Back home I played AW: DS, but I finished the campaign in no time and fear that the DS will be back and collecting dust again, while GTA looks like it will keep me entertained for a long while, now that I’m going back to my daily commute.
Can you do custom music in this? While impressive for a portable, the choice of music on the radio stations are the crappiest in the series, and I’d rather listen to my own.

So I’m still happy with my PSP… I could use just a single decent turnbased strategy game, though.


I have a nice pair of Sennheiser earphones so I can certainly tell the difference between various sound sources. Also, I could be a total noob but I think the PSP will only play lower bitrate mp3’s rather than the nicer encoding you can put on the ipod. Finally, I might just be getting old, but I’ve found the PSP music volume to be acceptable at max volume, but sometimes I really want to rock out and pump up the volume… which I’ve been able to do when I’ve used friends’ ipods, but not with the PSP - strictly ‘safe’ music volume is all I can get with it maxed out.

What are you using to record it? I am fairly certain there should be no discernible difference if you rencode with lame…where have you run into a bitrate cap other than capacity (which VBR should help)?

Other than that, Sony’s always been pioneer in fruity volume restrictions. Can’t figure it out rationally, but there you have it.

I wish the PSP had Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon, Advance Wars type games. I think most of the games on the PSP suck so far (not all games suck, but most).

I’ll need to check out the bitrate thing, but all my MP3’s were made in iTunes at 192 Kbit/s, which is the max for my ears ability to tell the diffrence, and they play fine on the PSP.
When I first played with the PSP, I thought the max volume was a bit low too - but with a pair of good earphone (Shure e2c) I don’t find that to be a problem.

Get back to me when the DS can pull off something like Liberty City Stories.

Why should it have to, when we’ve had GTA games on the PS2, XBOX, and PC for years? lololololol ports…

I hope Generation of Chaos is good. That’s the only thing in the near future that could make me consider picking up a PSP again. Even both of the friends with PSPs I have admit it’s just a nice-looking brick right now.

Seriously, what do grown adults in these “offices” play on a DS? I can’t imagine playing a Mario Kart or an Animal Crossing in front of other grown (read: not self-righteous geeks on a “you’re the immature one if you can’t enjoy google-eyed mascot games” kick) adults.

Playing Lumines or Hot Shots Golf at an office is no better if you want to go there.

I play whatever the fuck I want to. No one’s playing it but me. Why should it matter to anyone what you do with your down time at an office? Some people smoke. That’s a dirty, disgusting habit. Shouldn’t that be shunned even more than the guy who’s playing a videogame?

What if someone caught you listening to music that they thought was “gay” like oh, I don’t know… Heavy Metal? Hardcore rap? What then?

You gotta grow a backbone dude.

Come now, puzzle games are the one guaranteed ageless game genre. No one would say anything about playing Lumines. Hell, they’d probably ask to give it a whirl.