PSP Owners, Rejoice!

Okay, so we all know alot of folks bought the PSP hoping to cram some of their favorite music and movies onto it, but were let down when the concept of having to buy insanely expensive memory sticks with a maximum of 1GB became a reality. On top of that a 3rd party utility of some sorts was required to rip everything into a format readable by the PSP.

Well this is all about to hopefully change thanks to British company, Datel’s recent product release dubbed the 4GB Hard Drive X2 Battery bundle. According to the article, the bundle will sell for around $250 and become available by October 20th. It will include the following.
[/li][li]‘X2’ Battery
[/li][li]‘Get Connected’ Media Cable
[/li][li]Datel’s Media Software
Pretty sweet if I do say so myself. However, I do not intend on purchasing it. Instead I’m excited to see the reaction of other companies eventually resulting in a dominant package with a solid media software and perhaps up to 20GB in HD space.

1GB max? I just bought a 2GB Pro Duo for $150. I hear the limit is 4Gig which I’m sure will be dropping like mem sticks always do.

Also there’s this new stick which holds a possible 32 gigs. 32 gig + adaptor + psp = win.

That sounds like a very cool device.

Oops, my bad, makes me remember the iPod Nano actually uses a flash drive and is about the same price as the iPod Mini was on it’s release using a mini HDD. But for larger space I think mini HDDs will remain cheaper.

:shock: Okay, you win. Now all they need is a solid media ripper and everybody will be saying iWho?

Fuck Datel. Their extended life battery is the ugliest add-on I’ve ever seen, for any device. Even if the hard drive isn’t horribly disfiguring, I’m not buying a bundle that includes it.

This comes off as more than a little ridiculous to me. Just get an MP3 player for Christ’s sake.

Well, a 4 gig store device would let you store a dozen or more games and not have to worry about swapping disks. It’s really easy to rip the disks using Fast Loader, and load times are significantly improved when they’re run off a memory stick. Battery lasts a good bit longer, too. You can even mess with the rip’s to put in your own custom soundtrack for Burnout Legends.

None of that is worth $250, or turning your PSP into a much heavier, much uglier, much less portable device, though.

Why the hell didn’t they take that ugly thing and stretch it out to cover the entire back of the psp??

Because it would prevent you from being able to insert a UMD. :wink:

Because it would prevent you from being able to insert a UMD. :wink:[/quote]

Hey, if removing the battery to swap games was good enough for the NGage…

I don’t understand why anyone would be an ATI or NVidia fanboy.

Every generation there’s one card that’s better than others for whatever price range you need, with very few exceptions. TNT, TNT2, GeForce-GeForce3, 9700, 6800, X850, 7800.

Who cares what was good a few years ago? Both companies have solid enough drivers, unless you run Linux. Not that I understand what a gamer would be doing running Linux in the first place.

Yeah! Wait. What?

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