PSP Piracy Guards "Hacked"

CNN article

CNet article

You know, the interesting thing is I’d be more inclined to piracy by them fixing the holes. I don’t care about downloading ISOs of released games. I’m all for supporting devs. But I’m not going to buy games and run them if they also remove my ability to play emulated titles, because right now the PSP is a fantastic device for emulation.

If I have to, I’ll find the loader, buy a UMD, find the .ISOs, and play from ISOs of games I legally own. More than likely I’ll just skip buying games for quite a while. I’m much more excited about being able to run Chrono Trigger, FFIII, Uniracers, Parodius, Parasol Stars, and all sorts of other emulated games (like, err… Bard’s Tale for the Amiga) than Sony’s software.

It’s a shame, really. I’d love to do both.

What he said.

There will never ever be a game released that would make me want to update my psp firmware. Hell man they just released PSPVNC a portable media player cant be that far off.

And the article fails to mention that all of the hacked games have no sound.