Psp price un-officially announced!

I imagine the price might be correct. Console owners are notorious early-adopters, and they could make the things $500 and still sell a ton on the first day. They may just be seeing how far they can push the left side of the curve, until it flattens out at the price they actually intended to sell it for.


For $350, I will pass. No way it is worth that to me.

I’ll probably pick one up anyway, because I have more money than sense.*

I guess it depends on how the launch games turn out, and what the REAL story is with battery life (ie… reading real games from the UMD discs, not the demos running on emulators or from memory sticks).

[size=2]* This is no way is meant to say that I have a lot of money.[/size]

Any more than $249 = KABOOM!

I tend to agree with this. $100 more than the DS seems like it would be possible to spin given MP3 and movie features. Any more than that and I think it’s sunk. Even at $249 it’ll take until the first (or second) round of price drops to get out of the hardcore only hands, but I think hardcore is enough to sustain it long enough to get the critical mass of games it’ll need to actually be viable. (Well, with Sony’s name on it at least – hardcore for something like PSP is a lot different number than for something like, say, the Neo Geo Pocket Color.)

I wasn’t much interested in the PSP anyway, and this price point seals it. Maybe in ten years when it’s in the bargain bin with a pack of free games and movies…

Tangentially related, but still hilariously bad news from (stolen from gaf):

Additionally: At the Tokyo Game Show, only some games were playable on standalone units (puzzle games and turn-based strategy games) - fancier games like Ridge Racer and that nice-looking Konami FPS were only playable at wall stations.

Haha. I love this X-Files stuff.

Oof. That battery life stuff sucks.

And don’t forget to add 20 bucks to the PSP price to cover the cost of a memory stick. Otherwise, you’ll be able to play games but not save them.

300 dollars, short battery life, doesn’t play movies or music you already own, and it’s a piece of hardware with moving parts made by Sony. The PSP is really shaping up to be a dream system, but it’s a dream about having sex with a fat old nun.

How is the media thing going to work, anyway? There aren’t any UMD burners, right? How big is a memory stick?

A bunch of sizes, ranging from 512 meg downward, but for a gaming system larger sizes are likely to be prohibitively expensive - i.e. $140 to $200 for a 512. Smaller sizes - say, 32 to 64 meg - will still boost the system’s price by an extra $25 for the most part, and will probably be completely useless for any form of multimedia. If Sony’s looking to position this as an iPod-a-like, using Memory Sticks for music and/or video, they’d better think again.

Hey, do I go around insulting your fetishes?

No, but maybe you should.

More on PSP Pricing, this time from “Official UK Playstation Magazine” via Gizmodo.


In the November issue of Official UK PlayStation Magazine, the pricing of the PSP was finally announced. We can only hope that this is from the mouths of Sony and not a fake.

So here we go:

  • PSP Package 1: $199.99

  • 1 Rechargable Battery

  • 1 Charger (for the battery)

  • 32MB MemoryStick duo

  • PSP Package 2: $299.99

  • 1 Rechargable Battery

  • 1 Charger

  • 64MB MemoryStick Duo

  • Strap with built-in Headphones

  • Camera

  • PSP Package 3: $ 349.99

  • 1 Rechargable battery

  • 1 Charger

  • 256MB MemoryStick Duo

  • Strap with built-in Headphones

  • Camera

  • Aluminium Case

  • GPS Device

  • Translation Software (TalkMan)

This makes sense, and it deals with the $300 rumors we were hearing before.

That article sure smells like a fake - it’s filled with misspelled words and bad grammar.

Find it hard to believe also. If they sell it for $200 then I think they’ve got to be loosing money on the unit. Add about $100 to all three packages and it seems more realistic.

That article is super-fake. One of the guys at Evil Avatar pointed out the numerous mistakes (inconsistent use of Memory Stick/Memorystick), mis-capitalization of PlayStation, etc
edit: or if it is real, they should fire their layout editor, because that’s some shitty layout (bad text distribution, empty space, sections not lining up)

It is totally fake. The editors of the magazine confirmed it.