PSP questions

I’m thinking of buying a PSP soon, but I have a few questions first. And perhaps this kind of thread already exists, but since PHPBB doesn’t store words of three letters or less, searching for it is impossible.

That being said, I’d like to know about homebrew ability, video conversion abilities, emulation, and forced version upgrades.

I’d probably pick up the gigapack if I could find it. I want the storage for movies and, if possible, emulation.

So, movies. How good is the video conversion? I’d probably be converting fansubbed anime or the odd TV show, so it would be coming from divx, xvid, and who the hell knows what in between. Does the movie conversion utility properly support conversion from these formats? Are the utilities good, well made, easy to use? Are there API libraries for doing this yourself? (Because if it came down to it, I’d write my own .NET program for automatically converting and uploading movies if it were possible).

Emulation: How good is it? Snes specifically. I’d really love the ability to play snes games I never got around to playing (either fan translated or releases that never hit NA). That being said… I don’t really enjoy emulating if it requires a lot of frameskipping, or if the sound doesn’t work correctly, etc. I’m willing to make a few concessions (god knows the GBA versions of SNES games aren’t much better at times), but I’d like if they were playable. How much of a pain is it to acquire PSP emulators and use them?

Versions: Can someone give me a quick run down on what the firmware versions are, what I’m most likely to get in a gigapack, and how often new games force upgrades? What I’d really like is to hold out until sony cracks and starts supporting homebrew, but I have a feeling that the end result of doing that would be never getting a PSP. Is it possible that newer firmware versions will eventually get adapted to be used for homebrew, or is the scene basically locked out?

Oh, and one bonus question: What is realistic battery life for playing games and watching movies via memory stick? I haven’t heard much past the original early estimates of 2-3 hours. I’d mostly be using the device for travel that would last ~7 hours.

Can’t help you on what firmware is in the gigapack but on the subject of SNES emulation: it is very easy to use and works okay. Depends on the game but you do need to have a tolerance for lots of slowdown and skipping lots of frames in some games to get them playable. It also has problems with Mode 7.

They were making some pretty dramatic improvements in performance last summer but it looks like most of that stopped in August.

Your mileage will definitely vary. Most of the my SNES emulation time has been playing RPGs, with particular emphasis on those that were never brought over here (Dragon Quest 5&6, Tales of Phantasia, Star Ocean, etc).

The Gigapack is firmware 2.0. You can downgrade it to 1.X but I left it at 2.0. There are workarounds that let you run homebrew stuff (including SNES) on 2.0 just fine. will get you set up.

I use PSP Video 9 for movie conversion and it works great. It handles fansubbed DivX/XviD with no problem.

As far as battery life, I’m usually watching movies and doing homebrew stuff so I get at least 5-7 hours out of it before I need to recharge. The SNES emulator lets you increase the system’s clock speed to 333 and that tends to drain the battery much faster but lets the games run smoother.

Mine came out of the box as a 2.0 - not planning on downgrading it, as I a) don’t need a brick and b) can play Sam & Max with 2.0.

Like Warning says, PSP Video 9 does an awesome job of any video conversion.

buy fast, I’ve heard of peopoe getting 2.01 gigapacks now, and they cant run homebrew and are NOT downgradable yet.

As far as games requiring updates, so far, 2.0 is good for anythnig except the megaman title that just came out in japan, it needs 2.50 and there isnt any way around it yet.

That said, there is a 2.50 hello world out there now but not much else. If something better does come for 2.50, it will require GTA (seems to be exploitable savegames or something, in fact go get ‘edison carters cheat device’ for LCS, it’s a super hacked save that presents you with a menu of cheats and stuff, you can fly the hunter :D)

Well, here’s hoping that 2.01 gets cracked as well, because I managed to talk myself out of this $500 CDN purchase.

Maybe in January. But I just can’t stomach paying that much for a handheld system and one game. Just can’t do it.

Help. I don’t even know what a gigapack is.

I’m pretty sure my firmware is not 2.0 as mine is from the first shipment.

I want to play old-school emulated games on my PSP. Is there an idiot’s guide available somewhere?

The gigapack is a PSP bundled with a 1gig memory stick.

the site has forums worse than even gamefaqs, but has some quick start guides in their forums, and even a few packs, which would be emulators all set to run, for different psp versions (2.0/1.5/1.0). All you’d need to do is add roms and ISO files (isos for neogeoCD or pc engine CD titles)