PSP VS DS Lite sleep mode

Ok so I have a PSP and I have a DS but I really wanna get a DS lite because well its dead sexy but I am curious if they improved the sleep mode at all.

So which has a better battery life in sleep mode the PSP or the DS lite? Also how does the DS lite stack up against the DS while in sleep mode or did they really not change anything at all.

The reason I am asking is because it happens quite often that I wanna close the DS over night but I wanna make sure that it would hold a charge for 36 hours + like my PSP does.


EDIT : Oh yeah and another thing does the DS lite still have a flashing green light when you close the lid like the DS does because that really irritates the shit outa me.

Don’t know about the lite, but I left my DS closed for ridiculous amounts of time to find that I hadn’t turned it off and it was ready to go.

Hell, you can get 10-15 hours of play with the thing turned on.

Yeah, I accidentally left the DS on sleep mode for a couple days once and it was fine.

Agreed. The PSP is a complete joke of a handheld when it comes to portability and gaming in small chunks. Most of the games require way too much play time before you can save and if you have to use the sleep mode and need more than a day to get back to it, you’re fucked.

The DS by comparison is superb. It can sleep for days without dying and the battery life is better right from the word go.

Yes it does, but anything I’ve had (laptop, PDA) with a sleep mode generally does that.

I would expect the PSP to last longer in sleep mode since it seems to do more of a true ‘suspend’, and perhaps it does as a proportion of total battery life, but in absolute terms I’ve never has the DS battery crap out on my by leaving it in sleep mode, whereas I have had that issue with the PSP.


Nintendo claims you can get roughly a week out of a DS(original) in sleep mode. Saw it in writing in one of their little booklets that comes with the games…or maybe it was in the New SMB booklet.

My DS must have a dying battery then, because I can’t get more than a day or two out of sleep mode on it. My PSP lasts for at least a week but my DS craps out quickly it seems.

Yes… one more excuse closer to getting a DS Lite…

I rather think it depends on the state you leave the DS to sleep with. I came upon Rose’s DS which had been left on sleep at the Meteos menu screen for about five days, when plugged in to charge it was back at full in less than an hour.

Who cares if PSP lasts longer when there’s no games to play… ;)

In all seriousness, I’ve gone max about 3 days with on-and-off playing, with it being in sleep mode in the off time with the DS Lite. Oh, medium brightness too. So I’m not sure how that all adds up.