PSP vs iPod video battery life

So I have a long airplane journey coming up and I want to load a device up with some video to help keep me amused. I could go with my video iPod, but whenever I’ve played video on it the battery drains really fast.

The alternative would be to get a bigger memory card for my PSP and use that… does anyone know what the battery life is like when playing back video? Better than the iPod? I’m not interested in UMD usage, just playing video from a memory stick.

Anyone with any experience on th ione?

I get about four hours, and you can buy extra batteries which helps.

My PSP battery got me all the way 1 hour prior to liftoff from SeaTac to Maui.

plus you get the bigger screen

I’d suggest getting an external battery pack (rechargeable) for whichever one you want to use; a bit of research should help find several available for either, at varying capacities and sizes.

Or get the car plug which will let you use it on the plane.

Also FYI has a 4gig mem stick pro duo for 71 bucks shipped if you use google check out. I ordered one yesterday and I should have it tomorrow. So that + a car adapter = win for plane rides.

Hmmm, I never noticed a car power adapter in my airplane seat. Do all planes really have those?

If you’re flying business or first class, then probably yes. If you are flying coach, then only certain planes, on certain airlines, flying certain routes have them. You have to call the airline and ask.

You know people always say that but every plane I have been on has had one in coach and I’ve flown all over the place over the last year. Odds are pretty good that the plane will have one though.

Its near the butt of the seat.

Uh, Marcus… that wasn’t an AC outlet…