PSP's Loco Roco

This. Looks. Awesome.

Original content for the PSP, ahoy! Kitsune, I charge you with finding this game on the TGS showfloor and then reporting back with your findings. That gameplay video rocks.

It looks like Gish’s cousin on hallucinogens.


I like it… looks like kind of a cross between a puzzle-oriented platformer and Pikmin.

And what’s with the white PSP? I dig that.

The whiteys are out, just not in the US yet. Apparently they made some changes to the buttons as well, select/start and all that are easier to press and the square button doesnt suck shit anymore.

Shame they are 2.0 firmware, though if there arent 2rd party faces soon I might buy one but throw my black one’s faceplate on the 2.0 since it will barely get used.

The game looks cool as hell ,Gish was great, I just kinda feel bad for the Gish guys because noone will remember this type of game (blobformer? something…) as being originated by them.

By far my favorite game at TGS. Takes a little getting used to, and I’m not sure if I dig the exact tuning of the controls, but it’s a lot of fun. Once I got to the second half of the level (the ice part), it was all good - the feel of sliding/sloshing around is just awesome. Add cute graphics and music, and I couldn’t keep from having this big stupid grin.

This game makes me happy.

The video is down, and I couldn’t get into Gish.

Ok, I’ve seen it now. Wow, it looks so much like Gish. It’s like they took Gish and painted it orange.

It doesn’t play like Gish, though. Apparently the only controls are the shoulder buttons, which you use to tilt the world left or right, which is how you get the guy to move. You can also press both at once to make him jump, and the X button to break him into little guys to fit throught tight spaces (and to reform him on the other side). You eat fruit to grow larger. Obviously.

Wait, that sounds familiar too… can’t place it.

In any case, Gish didn’t pioneer this subgenre. We played this puppy during Game Wars.

Found it here but can’t get it to play the whole way through:

Looks interesting. Some really nice looking things coming up for PSP (Every Extend Extra, katamari Damacy, Monster Hunter, Exit, etc)