PSU stuffed? Can I fix it? (img)

This is from my girlfriends PC… seems to be the cause of her crashing out of 3d games. Can I do anything about it? or do I have to get another PSU?


I think you have to replace it, fixing electric stuff is usually more trouble than it is worth.

We had a big transformer box blow nearby and knock out our power for a day last week. It was enough to get past my surge protector and damage my PS, and it was doing that same sort of thing on the 3.3 rail. I started getting alarms and sudden crashes (not just to desktop, but shutting down the computer). I replaced the PS and all the problems stopped.

Sure, you can replace it, assuming that you’ve got a stock of spare parts, the schematic for the supply, and are handy with a soldering iron.

Why was I more shocked by the CPU speed in the read-out…? :oops:

Because you didn’t know they made computers that fast? phwoar! .

Wow, that’s garbage. I’ve seen bad power supply readings from time to time but that’s pure shit.

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