Man I love this show, and it keeps getting better and better. The ‘Halloween’ ep was hilarious. Not sure what was funnier - the scene at the car or Gus stuck in the floor, waving his belt around. The banter and dialog between the two has been really good lately also.

Side note, it’s fun to count how many times people say ‘Shawn’ in one way or another.

i know, i know that you’re not tellin’ the truth

Gus is my favorite character, it’s a fun, lighthearted show.

It is a fun show! The first time i watched it, i thought ugh, but its pretty darn entertaining.

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When are new episodes starting up again?

They said summer, last one I watched.

I think the series has been getting better as it goes on. It’s a nice light popcorny show to watch.

I’ve been following this show, too. It’s a lot of fun. The plot is quite weak, but the characters are charismatic enough that I usually don’t care, and some of the gags are pretty good. At first I thought the premise was a little bit too close to Monk, but they take the “mystery-solving-through-observation” in a different enough direction that I found myself not being bothered by that either.

“May I introduce Lieutenant Crunch”
“I’ve been promoted, actually, it’s now Captain Crunch.”

It’s all about the banter. A guilty pleasure I don’t mind doing household chores to.

The writing this season has been a lot better, I think specifically because the banter is just wonderful so far. The first season of Psych felt like second-hand Monk scripts (enjoyable, but nothing I looked forward to), but this season I like it WAY better than Monk.

Monk has jumped the shark, not sure when it did, but the writing this season has been cover-my-ears bad. The episode with Snoop where all the black actors had to call it each other ‘dog’ and say ‘aight’ was horrifying. Nearly as bad was the episode with the psychiatrist’s “skater” son who listens to that “garbage metal”, and it’s some shit that sounds like Warlock. Like, the perception of skaters (and hip-hop culture) by the writers was so caricatured it was cringe worthy.

I have a pretty good idea of when it occurred.

Anybody else see the season premiere on Friday? I thought it was hilarious, though I likely have lower standards than the average QT3er.

I know you know that I’m not tellin’ the truth.


Has anyone else become completely brainwashed by the Ebony & Ivory commercial they’ve been running for the last month? I sing along with it every time it comes on. I even dance a little. And I’ve found that the song is running through my mind in every idle moment. I thought the premiere was really good, but ironically I was actually a little disappointed since it couldn’t possibly live up to the expectation set by that commercial.

I only saw it right before the episode, so no brainwashing for me.

I liked the commercial and the episode. Good stuff with Lassiter.

Psych may have just jumped the shark tonight, that might be the worst thing I watched on TV this year.

I thought it was fun. Have you, like, seen “The Breakfast Club?”

Totally. My parents are fans but I wonder about their ability to appreciate this one without a strong background in 80s teen movies starring the brat pack. I’ll agree it wasn’t the funniest episode, but it was interesting to see them making an attempt to move these characters forward.

I will say this, though. Rachel Leigh Cook was sexier in this than I’ve ever seen her.

I didn’t like it as much as the season opener but it was still fun. The Breakfast Club ending was a nice touch.

I heard a rumor that Corbin Bernsen will be leaving the show and Cybill Shepherd will be replacing him, but I couldn’t find anything with the google. I like Cybill Shepherd in general but I’m not crazy about her character here.

Of course, but that is no excuse to shit all over a canon.