I almost didn't recognize Ralph Macchio at first, which is weird because once you realize it's him, he just looks like a slightly older version of himself - contrast that with Devon Sawa who recently showed up on Nikita looking about 20 years older than when he made Final Destination (was he 9 when he made that movie?).

My favorite part of this episode was Shawn saying " can wax on about..."


One of my favorite jokes from an earlier season Shawn says he and Gus met Ralph Macchio once at a Del Taco. Gus follows this up by saying, "and for the record, he was not working there."

I'm only a couple years younger than Shawn and Gus are supposed to be, but I still get the references. I think the most anachronistic element is probably their musical tastes.


There was at least one other Karate Kid reference, made prior to that one, but it completely escapes me right now.


Loved the Twin Peaks episode. Yes, Sherilyn Fenn looks great, but Sheryl Lee, not so much.

I was just disappointed that Peggie Lipton wasn't seen. But the final scene in the diner made up for it.


Shawn calls him "sensei" at one point. Is that what you were thinking of?


I just watched the "Dual Spires" episode last night and it was brilliant. Also loved the Police Academy episode. I recognized Macchio almost immediately, as soon as he smiled--he's looking pretty good for a guy who must be in his mid-40's. As is Sherilyn Fenn at 45 in the other episode (yowza!).


For some reason, I want to buy a Ford Fusion.


Well, as a happy owner, it is an awesome car at least :-P


Enjoyed the Yang episode


I was a little disappointed by the reveal, though. They have him hiding in the shadows of the room when they first come in, only have him turn around and be .. someone we've never seen before.

Normally when you couch the antagonist in shadows and secrecy, there's some payout to the reveal.

That said, I can't wait to see how things play out now that Carlton knows.


I think they were playing with audience expectations by putting him shadow for exactly the reason you give. Subverting the trope as it were.


The big reveal is that he was Peter Weller!


+1 I thought it was funny, especially considering his recent run on Dexter.

I was a bit irritated by the whole 'Jules and Yang can get in but somehow the rest can't follow' bit though.


Oooooh, clever!

I just finished catching up on this past season of Dexter so his voice was still fresh in my memory. As soon as he spoke (from the shadows), I thought to myself, “Man, Weller’s agent must be working overtime lately.”


Thwead, awise!

I count no fewer than four Psych threads here on Qt3, which means at least four people will be excited to see this.



Also, new season in october? neato!


That is awesome. :)


It is awesome, but I wish they hadn't truncated the song so badly. :-( I really like that song--takes me way back.



Awesome! Yes!

October!? NO!!!