Cool. I started watching this a few months ago, only watched a few random episodes but I like it. Will have to catch up on Netflix.


Psych can be hit or miss, as it really rises or falls with the writing any given week, which is not always consistent. I suspect it helps a lot of you're a pop culture junkie, especially from the 80s, as they pick a different theme to riff on every week.

In some ways, it feels like the show often channels Scooby-Doo and Abbott & Costello, where every week it's like " Frankenstein" "...join the Army" "...get stuck in a John Hughes film," etc. Like a lot of USA shows, the premise of the show generally takes a back seat to the chemistry between the two leads, and it's a lot of fun to watch James Roday and Dule Hill play off each other. So if you happen to watch an episode and don't like it, don't be afraid to give it another shot.


And if you don't like American Duos...YOU HAVE NO SOUL.


Netflix doesn't have the most recent season :(


My daughter and I are both enjoying it. Wife thinks it's completely stupid of course but I have a great time explaining all of the references to my teenager that went over her head.

Gus to drill sargent "I'VE GOT NOWHERE ELSE TO GO!!!" Epic.


New episodes resume in October. Which seems weird for USA, so I'm going to have to go poking around and see if they're starting any new series with it or something.


I think the reason it got pushed to fall was they were thin on available shows for the Winter season. As it stands, Psych is their oldest, best established show which should help it in a far more competitive part of the year for television programming.


Ah HA - they're bringing back at least two of their returning shows (Burn Notice and Covert Affairs) for their back halves on the first week of November. Letting Psych dribble out a couple of weeks earlier gives them an advertising opportunity. That leaves two shows without concrete return dates (White Collar and Royal Pains - Suits is renewed and USA is high on Necessary Roughness's chances, but they won't have any additional episodes this broadcast season) - maybe those are for the Winter after Christmas.


New episodes this Wednesday!

To celebrate, I offer a quote.

Gus: You refer to the virus in the feminine tense?
Dr. Reidman: Indeed, if you knew her as I do, there's no mistaking her for anything other than a she.
Gus: That doesn't make any sense.
Dr. Reidman: Neither do women!
Gus: [Nods] ....I hear that.


That's great, except that "tense" applies to verbs-- I hope the actual dialogue bit used the word "gender."

Still "Psyched" about the new season though.


No, the episode was just on. they used the word 'tense."


Season 5 is available on Netflix Instant Streaming.


A number of the episodes are mislabeled and out of order, though.


Anyone catch this week's episode?

There's a very overt reference to World of Warcraft, and (if I can lapse into analysis mode for a minute) the entire episode is structured like a game mission/instance: Lassie is the warrior, Shawn is the wizard (or maybe shaman, but I'm leaning toward wizard), Gus is the cleric (dispenser of pharmaceuticals) and the pathologist is the necromancer. They go on a quest together.


It was also The Hangover.


That's too funny. Cause I totally got the WOW reference at one point (wanted poster) and when Shawn says the name 'that way'. And I got how it was a lot like The Hangover at the time with trying to recreate what the hell had happened the night before. But Benny's analysis of the RPG party format and quest is spot on.


I finally caught up on the first two episodes. I thought they were OK, maybe a little on the weak side.

The Hangover riff was cute, and the WoW shoutout was pretty well done. I would have never made the RPG/quest connection, however -- I think you could say that about almost every episode of Psych if you're looking hard enough. :)


It's doing alright. I do hope that they get some momentum behind the Spencer/Juliet story before that whole relationship goes the standard Hollywood direction and they (Lawson/Roday in this case) break up, because that could get pretty awkward, yo. Though I guess Hall and wasserface are doing alright on Dexter this year. Though, on the other hand, you don't generally fuck your adoptive sister, or even make out with her a whole lot, so they're dodging a bullet on that.

The show.....continues to be Psych. I'd probably notice it more if there were more USA shows on right now, as it generally serves as the pleasant humorous counterpoint to whatever near-dramatic sort-of-actiony show I just watched from them.


Something about this season is just really clicking well. I swear the dialog and writing style is even better now than previous seasons, when this season had all the signs of shark jumping.


Yeah, I feel like last season was a dip, so it's nice to see it running on all cylinders.