Damn it, Psych, now I can’t stop saying “C’mon, son!”

(“No, you come on, son!”)


I don’t know why, but I really enjoy when they use the full theme song in the opening credits.


Because it is a catchy theme.


But do you enjoy when they do a special holiday/event theme instead of the regular theme song more?

You know that’s right.


The a capella one was the best.


What? Bollywood all the way!


The alternate themes are hit or miss for me. Some of them I love, some of them feel a little lazy. The Christmas one was cute, but both the credits and music for that one seem like something a fan hacked together on their own.

I’m partial to the Bollywood one. :)

Edit: This seemed like a waste for post #6000. Bah!


Don’t feel bad. I blew my 10,000th post in meaningless fashion.

I do like the Bollywood one as well. The Tears for Fears one is cool, too.


Okay, so Wade Boggs may well be the worst “professional athlete trying to act” act I’ve ever seen. Good lord but was he bad. And the directors/producers clearly figured that out early enough–his appearances on the show were brief, and mostly required walking and nothing else.

Basically no actual plot in this episode, just an excuse to rave about minor league baseball, but that was fine with me.


Really, Ben? I actually thought, as athlete-cameos go, Boggs’ was better than most.

And it was an homage to Bull Durham. The Costner “I believe” speech most evidently but also in the way that Shawn parrots everything that coach Danny Glover says… loved it.


Sure, the Bull Durham echos were fine, as I said. But the Boggs stuff, I dunno. Even the pro wrestler episode last season featured better acting.

But Danny Glover is always great, so I had fun with it all.


“I’m getting to old for this crap.”


I thought the Boggs cameo was hilarious, not because of Boggs, but because of what Benny referred to – he was so obviously bad that by the end of the episode, it was clear they were just having him do walk-ons so he could be in the episode. Every time he showed up, I started chuckling, knowing he’d basically just walk into the scene, say one line, and look confused. :)


Worst episode of the season by far. I just never laughed, and it’s a shame because I’ve enjoyed this season a lot up until now.



New episodes starting tonight…


Yay! I knew about it, but thanks for the reminder. I better set my DVR at lunch, I’m sure I’ll forget again until tomorrow morning when I see this thread get bumped again. :)


Freakin’ schweet!


I don’t watch this nearly as often as I should, but I love the show. Did love seeing Cary Elwes back and just how Dread Pirate-y he is.

This is a show, that no matter how good or bad the episode is, is clear that they have a lot of fun making it.


I started watching it but fell asleep in front of the TV like a grandpa, and couldn’t stay awake no matter how hard I tried, so I’ll have to catch it this weekend or something.