C'mon, son.


Hell of a season finale, can't wait until the fall.

Oh, the wife is now amused that I yell out 'pineapple' now that I know there is one in every episode.


I never manage to see the damn pineapple.


Last night's was tricky, they showed it once briefly from one angle, and you couldn't QUITE tell what it was. Only on a second and third, very brief shot could you be sure, and after that, it was gone.

When Gus is eating the candy at the ex-partner's wife's house, he is eating it out of a pineapple-shaped candy plate.


Yeah, it was mostly a side view of a almost flat object.

I gave up trying to pick out the film noir references....Obviously Black Dahlia, Chinatown, LA Confidential, I think I caught To Live and Die in LA, The Usual Suspects, not sure what all else.


OMG guys, I just saw an ad for Psych: The Movie, coming to USA network next Thursday, December 7th! Loved that silly show.


Check you tube, they have a lot of great interviews and clips from the upcoming movie. Sadly, paych is no longer on Netflix.


Sweet. Just texted my wife to let her know.


This is tonight, by the way.


Shame there won’t be much/any TimO.


I can’t wait for this!

Anyone know if USA streams their shows anywhere? Wondering how I can watch this legally without cable in the US.


This is great. But I read that sadly, Timothy Omudsman (Lassiter) had a stroke earlier this year and will only be in one scene.


For those that want more Tim, check out Galavant. He has some amazing singing chops.


Ugh, that’s horrible news. How old can the guy be? 50?


He’s only 48. Scary, imo.


Does anyone know if they’re planning to re-run the Psych Movie? My TiVo was all booked last night.

EDIT: n/m, on Reddit they’re saying it’s on the USA Network website.


This show needs to come back. The movie was over-the-top silly (just like the show), but who cares.

The ending hinted that we’ll be seeing another ‘movie’ at least. Maybe.

I almost wish they had left the Lassiter scene out though. That was horribly sad, because you could tell how many hoops they had to jump through to make him look ‘okay’. (Hint: He does not look okay - the stroke really did a number on him it seems).


I was about to say the same thing about the scene with poor Tim Omundson. He just didn’t look good. Poor bastard, and so young, WTF.

BTW, I don’t think I’d seen Mena Suvari in anything since American Beauty back when.


Watching that scene made me pretty sure that that Maggie was not acting when she teared up at the end of that call. Heartwrenching