Psychic Crime Fighting Shows

Psychic Detective, Haunting Evidence, Sensing Murder are all crime fighting programs I have discovered on both Court TV and Discovery Times channels.
A Haunting and Ghost Hunters (Discovery & SciFi Channels) lack the crime fighting component; hence, they will not be the focus of this thread. I do find the former of the two far more interesting.
Psychic detective seems to solve the cases every show. Haunting Evidence and Sensing Murder tend to work cold case and older incidents. The latter two-I think I saw only one show where the case was solved.
Considering the venues (channels), quality and tone of these shows, anyone care to elaborate on the credibility of these programs? Anyone aware of any other shows related to these? Any special factoids or information about the cast and crew, or any other information related to them would be appreciated.

I’m sure James Randi has something to say about them.

Not really for the “Movies” forum though.

— Alan

You have an expectation someone asking if psychic detectives are credible will post his question in the right forum? I’d only remark if it was in the right forum.

I can spare a “No, it’s bollocks.”

I find it amusing that this poster has nothing to say about games, ever.

Idiot shows like these are why I stopped watching the Sci-Fi Channel. It saddens me that Discovery also airs them.

I’d be more interested if they were fighting psychic criminals.

But as a rule you can assume that anything you see on TV is fake.

Heroes starts back up on the 24th.

The serious answer could be:

The FBI actually spent resources investigating this and came to the conclusion that there is not a single case in US history where a so-called psychic added anything to the solving of a case.
At best they’re harmless fools at worst they are a nuisance wasting investigators valuable time with useless leads.

Woops! Sorry.

Most recently I have been playing alot of Querty and Mah Jong. Check the history again please.

This makes some sense. However, in reference to “Psychic Detectives”, they never claim to solve the cases; only that they jump start cases that are dead ended.