Psychonauts 2!


Yeah, ok, I may be a little overexcited. And maybe hyperventilating as we speak. Hang on.

OK, so it’s a crowdfunding ask, looking for $3.3 million. I’m going to be providing all of it. I mean, a little of it. I want this game in a bad way.

Check it out!


A DoubleFine crowdfunding effort?

Nope, no way. May check it out in 2020 when ‘part 1’ is released late and over budget. That is, presuming a beta does not get released as 1.0 after Steam Early Access sales dry up.


Good to know! Have a nice day.


Backed. Sure, it might not end up being great (hello Broken Age), but Psychonauts is my favorite game evar, so if I wouldn’t back this what the heck would I back?


I know there’s a lot of love for the original, but I’m concerned about the bridges they’ve possibly burned from their previous…ahem…efforts. There’s also a bit of crowd funding fatigue out there, so I’ll be fascinated to watch it progress, as I actually like to study crowd funding campaigns.

Personally, I have a gut feeling it’ll either fail or they’ll cancel it beforehand. Sorry Pogue, I’m glad you’re excited though.


No need for apology, it would be weird if everyone were excited by the same things I am. And I get the reluctance to get involved in yet another Double Fine crowdfunding expedition, considering how some of these have gone in the past. But I really want Psychonauts 2 and I am hopeful they’ve learned something for this go around. I’m willing to gamble.


And I hope you get the game you both want and deserve.


I rather enjoyed Psychonauts, in fact enough that I’m not sure I’m all that crazy about a 2nd one as I just don’t know if they can capture lightening in a bottle twice with this one. But since I liked Massive Chalice a lot, a whole lot in fact, I’m certainly going to wish them well with their attempt.


This sounds passive aggressive! :) Also applies to presidents I guess.

Anyway, Double Fine is dead to me. Fool me once and all that.


Pledged! I like that you can add to your pledge to get the XB1/PS4 version too.

Fall 2018 seems a bit ambitious for such a big undertaking, but I’m okay with it being delayed as long as they need to, as long as it gets finished. And if my funding helps make it happen, then hurray! If it doesn’t happen, I’ll be sad, but hey, Psychonauts 1 was good enough that they deserve more money for what they’ve already delivered.


It’s a given they’re going to make their goal, but you have to wonder how much more than their goal they would have made if not for the ill will from Broken Age and that space station game.



Luckily for me I didn’t back the space station game. Broken age was a disappointment, but at least it was (eventually) finished.

Imma go play Psychonauts again (for the 4th time).


I feel like the only guy on Earth who didn’t fall in love with Psychonauts (out of the, eh, 10 or so people who actually bought/played it), but then again, I came to it 3 years late and with extremely rusty platforming skills.

Still, it’s a noble effort to continue a lineage that so many people loved. . . but the combination of untested crowdfunding platform, Tim Schafer involvement (a note here: I think he’s sort of a genius as a game-designer/writer, but an atrocious CEO/project leader), and my own ambivalence toward the property make this an easy pass. Maybe in 3 years something neat will come of it and I’ll pick it up on a Steam sale, though.


Back-a-tized. No choice on that one.


First part was lovely, and I’d likely back it on autopilot, but then I went through comments here…Is all hope lost? o,O

I was, quite naively, expecting to see lots of "Wow!"s and "Yay!"s =)


Now I feel like I didn’t give Psychonauts a chance with the 2 hours I played it and I should give it another shot.


I’m completely serious. I like Pogue and want him to be happy.


Hell of a decent thing to say. Anyway I think I know Brian well enough to recognize he doesn’t really do passive aggressive, I didn’t misinterpret the intent.

Having had a few minutes to catch my breath and collect myself, I think I may have gotten carried away with the thread. Should have kept the title to maybe eleven or twelve exclamation points.


Nah, it’s great to see such excitement.


Psychonauts was one of my favorite games of the last ten years, but I’m not gonna contribute here.