Psychonauts to PS2

Still coming to Xbox too but no longer exclusive…

We already knew Microsoft had dropped it. Surprising to see it show up as a PS2 game now though. The rumors of Majesco picking it up were true.


Huh? How was it a rumor when Tim himself posted it on the DoubleFine website when it happened?

There’s a PC version too.

Yeah pc version for me, thanks.

So does this game involve Chaos Magick and other occulty goodness?

I heard it will be released with a duke-nukem forever as part of a double pack…

I remember him bellyaching once that all the creativity is now found on consoles. I find it amusing its now being released on PC.

He’s right - all the creativity is found on consoles. It took a port of a console game to change that. Pretty sad.

Heh… the bongos were clouding my brain. As I typed that last night I thought to myself “Majesco was confirmed awhile back weren’t they?” but all I could think about was banging out “Whip It” again.\

BTW, Thierry, nice review of Gungrave Overdose in GMR.


New trailer, compressed. Fileshack has the proper one, but that scares me.


Oh, looks like Gamespot has the trailer and a whole bunch of glowing impressions: