Psychoville (BBC) - Series 2

I just caught up with the first episode of the new series of the BBC’s spoof horror series on BBC i-Player. I enjoyed the first series, despite being late to discover it, with its combination of weird characters and bizarre plot twists. This time round we have the survivors of the first series and the sinister secret service people form the last episode, plus a creepy librarian and a murderous cop.

Clips and stuff:

Just finishing watching this, and I think it improves on the first season. Killing off many of the main characters does wonders for a tight plot; there’s nothing quite as classic as the Hitchcock episode from the first season, although Maureen’s Tina Turner impression gets close.

“All I wanted to do was come to London and sell a dead Nazi’s head, but no, has to be brought back to life first. Nothing’s ever straightforward, is it?”