Public Service Announcement:

Tired of breaking the forums with obnoxiously long URLs? You’re in luck:

Not recommended nearly as much:

I did this before - no one paid any heed.

It’s better because when you click on its links, it shows you where it’s going to go before forwarding you.

well now that the URL linking facility is working again, we can inline the links.

What’s fun is when you’re bored, you can keep making huge and tiny URLs that will jump back and forth.

I have oftened wondered about this service. How long is the short URL valid for ? Wouldn’t they run out of short links eventually ?

Dunno. Presumably they keep them in some kind of database on their end. I imagine their business plan looks like this:

  1. Launch service providing short URLs that forward to long ones
  2. Store all URLS in a database
  3. Wait until service is so popular that millions of links across the 'net use them.
  4. Create pr0n site with pay-per-impression banners
  5. Redirect ALL links to #4 above.
  6. Roll around in phat rips of cash.

the sample url i made had 5 characters. with 26 letters and 10 numbers, that’s 36 to the 5th: 60,466,176. if they add another character, that’s 2,176,782,336. so that is not going to be a problem.

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