Pucks are made of rubber

Bub, I swear they should never let you review another hockey game ever again. ;) Oh and that “We will be right back to the action” has been done. I know in Hitz 2003 and I think in Hitz Pro and I am pretty sure it was in NHL 2002 although I wouldn’t swear to it.

BTW, for all those who haven’t seen it:


I am really intrigued by this title since it supports multiple Xboxes per side up to 10(!) people playing at once. I just have to wait for a few more reviews preferrably by someone who understands what pucks are made of. :)

– Xaroc

Geez Xaroc, next you’ll be telling me that footballs aren’t made of pigskin.

fingers in ears…

Sounds like you really liked Rivals. Is it a better addition to the hockey genre than Fever is to football? I’ve owned NHL 200X games before and they were okay. Now I probably wouldn’t play online, is that really the only advantage to this version?

Yeah, Rivals is better than Fever (and Fever, I’d argue, is only really bad by comparison to Madden and ESPN). Rivals feels much slower-paced hockey on the ice. There’s less momentum and inertia, and players have to skate to get to the puck. Passes aren’t lightning fast. It feels like more realistic hockey to me, than NHL 2004 does (though I do like EA’s arcadey style, always have). I haven’t tried ESPN, that one might be a better bet.