Puerto Rico Thread

I find it mind-boggling that they still haven’t got the power grid fully repaired. I’ve got friends in a small town in the Philippines who get hit by a typhoon that bad every year and it only takes 1-2 weeks to get power back. This is a place with a horribly corrupt and incompetent local utility and bandits running around in the hills. How in the hell is there a place in America that’s this much worse?

Well, it’s not in America. At least in Trump’s worldview. How can it be America when it’s full of so many icky brown people?

Speaking of… (auto playing video warning)

Really? You’d do that to these poor people, after everything they’ve already been through?

Hey, Texas has a lot of awesome shit going for it.

It could be the best shit, but shit is shit.

Puerto Rico relief money going to Wall Street, the people who need it the most.

Those who predicted that Puerto Rico would not be able to make any debt payments in the near future, at least until it fully recovered, were not wrong about the situation on the island, but they did not consider the scenario that relief funds could become a source for creditor bailouts.

Basically, post-hurricane investors are getting bailed out using relief money, versus the island’s natives. Soon might be a good time for non-Puerto Ricans to buy property, as victims of the hurricane continue to flee the island.

So, PR gets turned into another Caribbean island beach resort for rich people?

This is so sad and wrong, like legal sure but it’s just wrong. Assuming they’re not using the word embezzle in the legal sense of the word but the moral.


Pretty sure I called that one right after the storm. They let the horribly managed response drive people off the island, if not outright kill them, and sweep in and buy up property on the cheap.

Maybe Trump himself will build a resort.

Club Fed?

And the next hurricane season is right around the corner, the official one not the peak most people know about.

Yep, 6 weeks away. He’s out there making Bush and Katrina look competent and yet his shitstorm of stupidity means nothing gets done. Eventually they’ll all be forced to move to Florida and vote Democrat until they day they die, while PR gets turned into a rich people resort after all the locals have died or left.

My most indelible memory from Katrina was how they brought in all those generators so they could turn the lights on for the President’s visit and make it look like everything was great. Then they left…and took the generators with them.

And shitgibbon can’t even rise to that level.

Yeah, he doesn’t even pretend to care.