Puerto Rico Thread


Someone today tried to tell me ‘the mayor of Puerto Rico’ and I just stopped listening and started chanting ‘butter emails’.


trump reflects back the rot in this country. trump has always been a bigoted asshole, and shockingly he’s still a bigoted asshole. Granted he holds the most powerful office in the land, but he got there because there is a significant block of supporters who let him, starting with the birther shit. The Republican party, craven and complicit though they are were ready to jettison him but “the base” wouldn’t let them. As soon as anyone stood up to him they took the political heat, they’re numbers cratered while trump continued on as the shit stain he is.

The red hats are now cultist, they project unto trump their own repugnant humanity. trump can’t string together a coherent sentence, he knows nothing, cares to know nothing and just spews a continuous stream of bullshit. He demeans not only the office but every American. Even so, trump will end, his time is finite. But those fucking zombies will persist and someone far more competent but with the same white grievance will be ready to take his place.




Clearly, they should have invested their money in statehood, so that they could have voted against Trump for president.


I don’t think it’s a stretch to imagine this very thought is running through the heads of many there.


Where the hell did he get sixteen from?


He pulled it out of his ass just like with every other thing that comes out of his mouth.


Actually, it is apparently the official toll currently, which makes no sense.


They haven’t updated the number in about a week, as I understand it.


There are a few dozen still on the official “missing” list, and several regions the govt has not got communication with, so there is a lot more just not reported in yet.


Yep - someone (allegedly) called hospitals, and they alone had it at 60+


When you read Trump’s full remarks…god, it’s just a constant stream of idiocy.


Plus, an estimated 47% of the island doesn’t have working clean water infrastructure. There may be a lot of cholera in the next few weeks, and with little to no hospital support, that won’t end well.


More info: https://www.vox.com/science-and-health/2017/10/2/16392670/puerto-rico-death-toll-trump

Pascual spoke to dozens of doctors, administrators, morgue directors, and funeral directors around the country, and wrote up her initial findings in a September 28 report in the Miami Herald. She then got Puerto Rico’s public safety secretary to confirm Monday that there have been dozens more deaths than the official statistic reflects. By her count, there are now an estimated 60 confirmed deaths linked to the hurricane and possibly hundreds more to come.

“Everything in the government has collapsed,” Pascual told me by phone from the parking lot of a San Juan medical center, one of the few places in the city where she said she could get a reliable cellphone signal. “Some of the people who work in the government lost their homes themselves and aren’t at work. So they can’t do death certificates. The dead can’t be documented because of all the logistics and legal aspects of declaring someone dead.”

Basically everything is so wrecked that they have no idea.


A humanitarian crisis seems like a pretty good time to point out how much money we’re wasting on Wonder Woman jets.


Just so many gems:

TRUMP: They are special people. A lot of people got to see the real Coast Guard in this trouble. In Texas was incredible for what they did. Thank you very much. We appreciate it. We would like to say something on behalf of your men and women.

UNIDENTIFIED: I’m representing the Air Force.

TRUMP: I know that.


I can’t even. How obscene is it to be boasting about spending hundreds of millions on fighter jets while complaining about how your humanitarian crisis is throwing the budget out of whack?



If ever a man deserved to be held face down in a latrine and slowly drowned it is Trump.