Puerto Rico Thread


I was watching dumbfounded as Trump started talking about Puerto Rican debt. It reminded me of one the Frontline pieces I saw about Trump where Frontline interviewed one of Trumps banker about his massive casino debt and the banker realized that after meeting Trump that he had actually no real understanding of what he was talking about.

As good luck would have it 20 years ago I bought some Puerto Rico Municipals, at various times I’ve been worried about them defaulting, On July 1st of this year they were paid back in full. I can tell you I would have been furious at Trump for his comments if I still owned them. I’ll send some of the profits back to PR in the form of relief cause Drumpf is clearly going to fuck this up.


I don’t normally bet, but I bet $10 Vicente Fox will use exactly that sort of joke in his next troll video.

Meanwhile: San Juan mayor protests Trump with ‘nasty’ t-shirt (Raw Story articles don’t embed in Discord.)

Someone should probably keep President Donald Trump away from his Twitter account for the next 24 hours or so, because he’s not going to like the “nasty” T-shirt San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz wore to protest him on live TV.


She played right into Trump’s hands with that. They’ll spin it as her getting a shirt custom sent while her people were suffering, even though she probably had it for the 2016 election- and if she did, that would be spun as her being a partisan hack.


So what if she played into Trump’s hands? Why does the opposition always have to tiptoe around his feelings? I’m so sick of that line of thinking.


Because that sort of spin merely emboldens his supporters. So, I guess it’s funny for a laugh and all, but all it does it serve potential fuel for the justification of their biases and perceptions. I mean, if nobody cares about the issue coming up at the beer cooler for the next seven years I guess it’s no big deal.


Nazis wearing MAGA hats is a-ok though.


Yep, it’s time to stop pretending like these people’s feelings matter and rub their faces in how shit they are.


Do you think so?


Who gives a shit?


We all should. Convince a guy he’s right and why would he ever listen to reason or be open to change?


Have you talked to these people?

They’re cultists who will threaten to kill you for disagreeing with them while literally denying reality.
If they’re still with him, they’re a lost cause at this point.


Every day. Every single day. For hours a day at times.


They believe things which are objectively, provably false.

So really, nothing you do matters.

I mean, even if she didn’t wear that shirt, they could just believe that she did.


Yeah she definitely shouldn’t wear a shirt that says “Nasty”. She should wear a shirt that says “Fuck all these racist Trump-supporting assholes”


[quote]They believe things which are objectively, provably false.

So really, nothing you do matters.

I mean, even if she didn’t wear that shirt, they could just believe that she did.

Some of them certainly are.

Sometimes it doesn’t.

Some of them do, regardless.


I was just sort of questioning why it’s only Democrats who have to watch what they wear to avoid offending Republicans, and never the other way around. At least, I think that’s what I was doing. I’m pretty tired and it’s not impossible that I’m full of crap.


I don’t care about offending Republicans so much as giving them something (they think is tangible) to hold up and say, “But what about this? But what about that?” In these instances the answers are much less important to them that the chance to look informed and insightful for asking the question(s). Fox News already gave them all the spin and answers they’re looking for (and by “answers” I mean laundry list of idiotic questions to ask), and to them, these same questions are the trump cards they’ll slap down on the TV tray before the inevitable mic drop.

Yes, I agree 100% that current Trump supporters and willfully ignorant, and/or in major denial. But, I don’t believe they’re all a hopeless cause, and I’m not willing to group the lot of them together and label them beyond help. Some are only as informed as their (echo chamber) Facebook Feeds and 24-hour-news-channel-of-choice allows them to be. This doesn’t mean they just won’t hear something that conflicts with their reality, just that they’ve got no reason to go looking elsewhere for actual answers, or contrasting opinions.

Don’t think for a second that I give a shit what the Mayor of Puerto Rico has been wearing lately, at this point I’m just happy to see her in clean, dry clothes. The only reason I even got involved in this particular conversation is because Alstein touched on something my family had already brought up earlier tonight, and I know just the type of spin he was alluding to. This doesn’t mean I think she needs to avoid giving Trump supporters something to point to when they want to discredit her work or intentions in situations like this, simply that I think it’s worth acknowledging such presumptions will be made. Without at least recognizing and acknowledging certain perceptions, too much dialogue merely turns into people shouting at each other that they’re just stupid, wrong, and oblivious to the obviousness of a situation. And this isn’t helpful.

A key part of my belief is that these people are not all the same, no matter how easy it is to write them off as such. And while I have no interest in placating any of the Nazis in the crowd (of which there are so many more than I would have thought a year ago), I’m still willing to work towards… uhh enlightening… the others; even though I’m probably going to give myself a stroke if conversations keep going the way they have been.


But it totally means that they are beyond help, because if someone contradicts their erroneous views, they’re just going to discount it… because that’s what they’ve been conditioned to do.


Well, good on ya kerzain, you’ve got a stronger constitution than mine. I hope your way works.


All electoral evidence thus far indicates it doesn’t, though :(