Puerto Rico Thread


Esquire reaction to the WaPo article above.





I wonder, does “first against the wall” start to lose meaning when there are so many deserving of the phrase?


I suppose we should get started on that wall project after all.


Looks like we have to fund Trump’s wall, so we have one long enough!

Edit: Dammit, just barely beaten to it.


For those who don’t work for the government…
The per-diem for a government worker, in Honolulu (which is the most expensive place I’ve traveled to), is $111 right now. In the past it’s been as high as $170 depending on the season.

So 332 is pretty nuts.


document not found. I believe it though.


As someone who travels regularly for business, allow me to try to clarify. The $79.82 is the per diem, that’s what the worker can expense each day. When I travel my per diem is $75 so that’s not at all outrageous. The $333.41 is for hotel and travel, per day. So if their hotel is $300 a night and their fuel costs or taxi rides are another $30 a day that makes sense.

$300 a night for a hotel seems high, though. My last trip to Vegas was $230 a night.


What’s the cost of accommodation in PR at the moment though? Given the damage, this might be a necessary rate to cover a shortage of supply in accommodation and subsequent rise in demand/cost?


I would imagine hotel space is limited right now and prices might have gone sky high. Not defending it, just speculations what might be possible. Frankly, I think the whole thing (a tiny outfit in Montana getting this contract) reeks to high heaven.


There is supposed to be anti-price gouging law in times of emergencies. This is to make sure food, water, shelter, and fuel are not only reserved for the ultra rich and not resold by speculators just to drive up cost. Fall is off-season in the Caribbean so prices should have been extremely low:

The off season in the Caribbean – roughly from mid-April to mid-December (although this varies from hotel to hotel) – is one big summer sale, though it’s become more popular in recent years. In most cases, hotels, inns, and condos slash 20% to 50% off their winter rates.

If Hotels are price gouging the situation should be investigated. The majority of places these guys will be working (BFE) are Mom and Pop, or smaller hotel/motel chains. If they decide they need to instead stay at a luxury hotel and commute 100 miles a day . That makes me feel a bit sick. They’re already getting a stupid insane sum for their work at $320 an hour.


The stinging criticism came from members of the nonprofit National Nurses United, speaking on Capitol Hill with Democratic members of Congress after a two-week humanitarian mission to Puerto Rico. About 50 volunteer nurses visited two dozen towns in urban and rural areas, and described the desperation of Puerto Ricans — even five weeks after Hurricane Maria hit the island — as worse than anything they had witnessed on other humanitarian missions, including the aftermath of Katrina in New Orleans and the earthquake in Haiti.


Like 16 people died in the actual storm and we’re up to 911 deaths now.


Good luck to PR getting any help. The POTUS and the GOP are running around patting themselves on the back already for a job well done. They’ve pushed Las Vegas, Texas, Puerto Rico… they’ve pushed everything they can’t handle out of the news with their latest shenanigans.

We don’t have enough time in the day to cover all this stuff.



Just saw this on TV. Good on him.


Why wasn’t this done a long time ago?

Thirty-nine days after Hurricane Maria hit the territory, Gov. Ricardo Rosselló said that he is requesting assistance from Florida and New York under “mutual aid” arrangements that utilities traditionally activate during emergencies. The territory had not previously done so and had not responded to offers of assistance.


Whitefish Energy, based in Whitefish, Montana. Why does that place seem so familiar… Oh, right:

So much happening in a town with less than 7000 residents!


And why was it a no-bid deal? Good question, and I hope the residents of PR hold his feet to the fire for it.