Puerto Rico Thread


How is this even possible? Jesus.


Jesus… it’s like Whitefish, Montana is the Springfield where COBRA set up shop in G.I. Joe comics.


Ok, I’ve figured it all out, thanks to this post. Here’s what’s going on.

Richard spencer is a Nazi from Whitefish.
Whitefish is like Springfield from the GI Joe cartoon.
Springfield, in the Simpsons, has as its rival the neighboring town of Shelbyville.
Shelbyville is where Nazis held their rally a few days ago.

The Matrix is breaking down, and they’ve run out of storylines, so they’re just recycling stuff from past quest lines.


Let me know when someone pitches a monorail in Puerto Rico.


Outside of all the shadyness and what the headlines show, I still haven’t seen evidence that other power companies are willing to take an IOU from PR with what appears to be an extreme financial situation, and (according to all the PR at least) that is the major reason why Whitefish got the contract. If I missed something to the contrary I’d love to see it though.

That being said, it’s retarded that getting an IOU would be an issue because FEMA and the federal government should be chipping in to add reassurances that they will be paid.


Also, just 20-odd miles away is Lakeside, MT, home of Ben Garrison, whose lifelike depictions of Trump have captivated us all.


That guy is so incredibly gay for Trump.
No offense, gay people.



The Federal Bureau of Investigation is investigating a $300 million construction contract Puerto Rico’s government power company awarded to a tiny Montana-based energy firm, according to people familiar with the matter.

FBI agents from the San Juan field office are looking into circumstances surrounding the disaster-recovery deal the public-power monopoly known as Prepa signed with Whitefish Energy Holdings LLC, according to three people familiar with the matter.


Check out Charity Navigator’s list.


PR still struggling, badly.


Oh I forgot to say thank you for this. So thank yo u!


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So do these citizens get to vote in Florida for elections and will it count towards Florida’s totals or do they have to identify as PR and essentially throw their vote away since PR doesn’t have any electors?


They don’t have federal voting representation and aren’t entitled to presidential electoral votes, unfortunately. They do have a kind of limited delegate in the House but that person can only vote on procedural matters and in House committees. This has been the case for a century now.


If they were relocated to Florida, they could just register to vote there though.


Hrmm. Can they then vote as Florida citizens? Could Trump’s epic screwup in PR result in 100,000 or so new Florida voters, all of whom are likely to remember all of this for a generation?


I don’t see why not, assuming there’s not some weird law that prevents it. Come to Florida! Please settle in mostly Red districts though.


I’m a lurker, so sorry for a random poster coming out of left field. I just had this conversation with a co-worker whose family lives in PR. They are US citizens and can move, register, and vote in all US elections.

She thinks the hurricane flips FL to the Dems going forth. There was already heavy migration out of PR. This has added hundreds of thousands to that migration.


Yep. Florida is always a razor margin, and 100,000 PR refugees spells bad news to the GOP. entirely deserved.


Ah, you’re totally right. They lack electoral representation and can’t vote for Congress, but they can vote for president.