Pulse (the original Japanese one)

Ohh, see also 3 extremes
Fruit Chan opens it up with “Dumplings”, a genuinely creepy little film, but really, the other 2 segments are just as good. The great Takashi Miike directs “Box”, and Chan-wook Park directs “Cut”. Very much worth seeing.

I see your point, and in many instances it may be true. But I still believe that Asian horror, even the recommended lists, tend to be fairly poor movies overall. But all too often I read Internet posts where someone laments the fact that we just don’t make horror like the type witnessed in Asia.

I can understand making a comment like that about anime, but horror movies? People who say that just aren’t looking hard enough. (Which is strange since Asian horror can be very difficult to find.)

Oh man, I have to see Pulse now. It scared Chick out of his little socks. It will probably make me pass out.

I just watched Dark Water. It sure tried to go somewhere interesting. It sure failed to at the end. Also, once I saw it was rated PG-13 I gave up all hope for seeing Jennifer Connelley’s boobies, and that already tainted the experience for me.

I loved the remake of The Grudge, though. It had a cat-in-the-closet scene that was a cat jumping out of a closet. Awesome.

No ‘Shutter’ on Netflix. Does it go by any other names, perhaps?

I second Shutter, not because of being scary - I just liked the end. The very first Ju-On (The Grudge) grabbed me badly. It’s a cheap tv production with cheesy effects and makeup, but it’s the first movie that really got me scared. This version is a little bit difficult to find. Normally you see the theatre (?) version from Japan, but there is an older (?) one, which shows much less, but scares much more and I guess it was produced for video or tv only.

You fuckers quit recommending movies that aren’t on DVD! :)

I presume this is the Shutter they’re talking about, Guildboss. Doesn’t look like there’s any way for us to see it.


It’s a little long and I’m not sure if it counts as “J-Horror,” but I like Takashi Miike’s Izo.

Edit: Oh, and it’s very very weird.

There’s your problem. Why didn’t you see the original? Patriotism?
Memories of a time when she was hotter? Someone dragged you to the movie?

Here you go: http://cgi.ebay.com/Juon-Ju-On-The-Curse-1-2-Grudge-import-DVD-US-SELLER_W0QQitemZ320063612300QQihZ011QQcategoryZ617QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

I’d say the linked Cutie Honey movie at the bottom of that page is a better
purchase ;)

(Yes, I’ve seen it. It’s great! Really!)

You can find Shutter at HKFlix or you can also get it at YesAsia.

Aww, those are just for Region 3. Sadly, I’m not 733t enuf to haxx0r my DVD player.

The box cover looks suitably creepy, though!


Not 'leet enough, huh? What player is it? If it’s at least half a year old, there’s a
great chance you can find its secret region-killer combo :)

Actually, I looked this up a while ago when folks were suggesting I see Oldboy, I think. Damn Asian movies. I have a Sony S5300 that I seem to recall can be haxx0red for other regions.

But I dunno, if Shutter isn’t available for Region 1, how good can it possibly be? :)


But I dunno, if Shutter isn’t available for Region 1, how good can it possibly be?

One of these hacks might work, especially anything involving pi: