PumaPac: Trainwreck In Slow Motion

The threads over here are a very easy way to lose two hours to Schadenfreude. I thought it would be a fine place to send Angie on another one of her anthropological visits.


Abbreviated version:

  • It’s looking good for McCain. We may be talking landslide.
  • What, what did they say about Pennsylvania?
  • How can you call a state with no precincts reporting?
  • This is the end times! Why won’t Hillary save us?

Bonus points for amusingly un-selfaware comments like ‘Doesn’t people realize that he’s just a fringe element of the Democratic party’?

I told my husband to tell me NOTHING from the television! I want my only news from here. I feel safe here and it’s scary everywhere else.

Ha! “I don’t want to hear the facts, I only want to hear erroneous information that gives me false comfort.”

This would be incredibly low-hanging fruit for some industrious troll. What do you think would happen if someone came in and posted something along the lines of “Incredible upset! Obama surrenders his electoral votes to Hillary/McCain/Palin!” A few links to official-looking-yet-broken urls (such as cnn.gov, for example), and you’d probably get a nice effervescence flowing…

Later, and to truly detonate them, the same troll could come in and hit them with “Obama concession suppressed by MSM! U.N. resolution declares Obama the winner despite his resignation!”

This would take time and cruelty I’m not capable of myself…

I just don’t have the time.

Some of these are great.

Exit Polls are skewed towards a higher Dem turnout

I had a guy on my twitter feed (he runs a Starcraft 2 website, sc2armory) whose comments on it resemble PumaPac’s.

Here goes:
(1d ago) I hope obama fails just for the huge laughs.
(1d ago) Yay election day! Actually my TF2 game is more important, lols.
(22h ago) McCaine will win, no doubt about it. He will also bring with him the withdraw from Iraq. Dont question me.
(21h ago) Ah its funny how McCain is currently winning. http://tinyurl.com/5g87jc
(21h ago) Team fortress 2 match > Voting
(17h ago) @LoveInColor Uh isnt it closed? Thought it closed at 730.
(17h ago) Still believe Obama is an incompetent fuck.
(17h ago) Wow im already sick of all the “Obama made history”, “America will get back on track”, “Obama is change”… oh fucking please.
(17h ago) Obama did not make history, nor will he make anything in the future.
(17h ago) Seriously, half this country shouldnt be allowed to vote because they do not know anything. Oh wait, its not like our votes really matter.
(16h ago) @RyanBarr Are you even able to vote? Lol.
(16h ago) @mkeefe Too bad none of our say actually matters in the end.
(14h ago) This is why our voting system is flawed. Im pretty sure I see more winnings from McCain (Yes I know the math may not add up, im lazy).
(13h ago) @starfeeder Eh the republican party will just be back in 4 years lol.

Massive fail. It’s like he went from hopeful, to disbelief, to anger, to disillusion, and finally to denial.

Wow, that’s a whole afternoon full of entertainment there.

Here’s my vote for winner so far:

As far as I know, the people who hate us the most in the world are the muslims. And who do the American people hire to be their president, a muslim. AND his name is Hussein. Just sitting here shaking my head, unbelievalbe.
The Americans just voted in a socialist, marxist, stalinist, communist muslim to run the country.
I think I will go to bed and I don’t care if I ever wake up. This is totally disgusting. I’ve had it. I no longer have confidence in my fellow Americans.

Oh piffle. You only read huffpo.com and talkingpointsmemo.com, and you know it. What’s the freakin’ difference?

The Americans just voted in a socialist, marxist, stalinist, communist muslim to run the country.

Well, at least he’s not a leninist, maoist, trotskyite as well. Then we’d really be in trouble.

I do what now?

I browse HuffPo maybe once a week (about as often as I read Drudge), and I’ve never been to TPM unless someone here links to it. Most of my news I either get from threads posted here and a few other forums I frequent or from the MAINSTREAM MEDIA like cbc.ca and theglobeandmail.com.

For election results last night, I had this forum open plus the real-time results pages on CNN, ABC, and FOX.

And I’m really glad he isn’t an anarcho-syndicalist or anything of that sort!

Hey, shut up! Who do you think knows you better, you, or the guy who’s spent time and effort building up a nice cozy straw-man of you in his head? Stop lying already!

Goddamned anarcho-organizing comedians.

Is this a reference to Watchmen?

This kind of shit I find disturbing…

So what now? It’s a war and it’s not over yet? When does this crap bleed over from crazy to dangerously threatening?

I fully expect Obama to be assassinated or at least a serious and close call attempt made on his life.

Rednecks know no bounds.

I had no idea what PumaPac was, so I looked it up on Wikipedia.

Man, do those people have any noses left, or have they cut them all off to spite their faces?

Somewhere between the Netroots and the Truthers? Oh wait, only right-wingers are crazy AND violent.

This is the same crap that there always is. These people were always there, its just the internet now gives voice and numbers to what was once rightly shunned and kept in the shadows.

I worry about this, but then I think about the relative competence of the Secret Service and the backwoods bumblefucks that will dedicate themselves to that goal. I don’t expect many plans more coherent than “drive toward him and shoot high-powered rifles from the windows while wearing white tuxedos and top hats.”

True, but then you have the Indira Gandhi scenario