Punchable YouTube "celebrities"

Somehow I knew that was going to be the latest post in this thread.

Okay. That idiot is punchable. Goddamn. What a dumbass.

His outfit really puts a topper on it all.

Yeah, ok.

his brother was on the news earlier last year.

Oh shit, I recognize him from Top Chef. It was funny watching the normal Top Chef judges be so dismissive of him. ‘Ok, you can go now’

Jesus, what the hell is wrong with this guy? You encounter a suicide victim and your thought is, “sure, this live encounter with a suicide victim’s body is now part of my video blog, too!”

He’s a sociopath? Zero empathy.

Right but how would anyone think “showing a suicide victim on my show will make me more successful!”

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Good question. I don’t think that way. You don’t. The large majority of people don’t. I would rather not get into his head to find out, either.

Any publicity is good publicity, and all that.

I didn’t know this person two days ago, and now he lives in a little corner of my brain. Sure, I think he’s a terrible fucking person, but he’s still extended his reach and I’ve still wasted some cycles thinking about him.

C’mon guys, so harsh! He demonetized the video!

Sociopaths gonna make videos, I guess.

Had the kid even a grain of empathy, he would have stopped doing such a video and removed that fucking hat.

We have bigger problems than this.

I like sociopaths way more than narcissist. Sociopathy is like a disability, they lack a skill. Sociopath can admit wrong doing and ask pardon. Narcissist will always refuse to comply, they will blame you, they will firmly believed people is wronging them. You can reason with sociopaths, but you can’t with narcissists.


Is there a third former capital of Japan called Tooky? Or maybe Kyoot?

Otawa, I think.

Well that just doesn’t work at all.


Ottawa is the capital of South Korea.