Punishing the poor in Mississippi

If you want to see “compassionate” conservatism in action, take a look at Mississippi, a state that is solidly in the red category (strong for Bush) and committed to its long tradition of keeping the poor and the unfortunate in as ragged and miserable a condition as possible.

How’s this for compassion? Mississippi has approved the deepest cut in Medicaid eligibility for senior citizens and the disabled that has ever been approved anywhere in the U.S.

The new policy will end Medicaid eligibility for some 65,000 low-income senior citizens and people with severe disabilities — people like Traci Alsup, a 36-year-old mother of three who was left a quadriplegic after a car accident.

The cut in eligibility for seniors and the disabled was the most dramatic component of a stunning rollback of services in Mississippi’s Medicaid program. The rollback was initiated by the Republican-controlled State Senate and Mississippi’s new governor, Haley Barbour, a former chairman of the national Republican Party. When he signed the new law on May 26, Mr. Barbour complained about taxpayers having to “pay for free health care for people who can work and take care of themselves and just choose not to.”

The governor is free to characterize the victims of the cuts as deadbeats if he wants to. Others have described them as patients suffering from diseases like cerebral palsy and Alzheimer’s, and people incapacitated by diabetes or heart disease or various forms of paralysis, and individuals struggling with the agony of schizophrenia or other forms of serious mental illness.

The 65,000 seniors and disabled individuals who will lose their Medicaid eligibility have incomes so low they effectively have no money to pay for their health care. The new law coldly reduces the maximum income allowed for an individual to receive Medicaid in Mississippi from an impecunious $12,569 per year to a beggarly $6,768.

What is there to say? It’s a sign of the sick fuckin’ times, eh?

I think it’s more a sign of the sick fuckin’ region, but such sentiments do exist in the North and West… just not as strongly.

I don’t think it’s religion; there’s nothing in Christianity that justifies abusing the downtrodden like this.

I think it’s the transferred Scottish highlands culture that’s the historical legacy of the South. Extremely clannish, paranoid towards anyone that can be defined as an outsider, no tradition of sympathetic intellectual religion, etc.

He said “region” :)

What would William Wallace have done? But he did say “region.” :wink:

Damn it! My theory stands!

What the hell is that? A GeeDubya impression? Staying the course? This ain’t like you, comrade! Come clean, be a man, change your mind and stick to it.

Delete the first sentence about religion. Rest is still accurate.

McCullough flip flops. Film at eleven. :)

Get him on the first Traitor Bus to Canada!

The problem of the South is that they all believe themselves to be French aristocrats.

South Sweden, right?

No, Southern US, bunch of French Aristo-wannabes.

It serves those people right! They contracted the diseases! They should deal with it!