Punjabi bhangra FTW!

Somehow, years ago, I got hold of one bhangra CD. Played it like mad for a long time.

And now internet radio comes roaring to the rescue with bhangra radio all the freakin’ time. (Third link is flaky, sigh.)

It’s just so CHEERY! And BOPPY! And TECHNO!

Can’t! Stop! Listening!

That first link was a little gangsta for my tastes, but as hard as I tried to resist my head started bobbing, almost involuntarily, to the point where I couldn’t think about anything but clubbing hookers to death and stealing their cash.

I guess bass is universal like that.

You have no idea Repoman. You’re lucky you’re not in the clubbing phase, as once Bhangra music catches on, you’ll see swarms of chic urban 20 somethines spasing to the beat as they recite barely intelligible phrases sounding like Hindu fakirs on massive marijuana head trips.

It’s wild man, wild.

I’ve done the clubbing thing (actually, the full-bore raving thing). No doubt that’s why I was so infectable by the bhangra bug. I wish someone WOULD do an all-bhangra DJ set so I could go dance my fucking ass off, then wiggle around the floor assless.

No thread pollution, Uncle Larry, you bastard!