Puppy Bowl!

I really wish they would have this on again, 3 hours of puppies on my dvr just seems extreme… but I can’t stop watching.

ps. it is on the animal planet channel during the super bowl only.

The puppy bowl was cutesy. Normally I wouldn’t watch this sort of thing on pain of pain, but my three month old son started watching it and next thing you know he was cooing and gurgling in delight. At that point changing the channel was out of the question.

The only thing better than the puppy bowl was… the kitty half time show!

The halftime pussy show was great also.

We flipped on the Puppy Bowl because my daughter was still awake and she probably wouldn’t be able to get into “Bleak House” on PBS (neither could I). So my wife and I start making snarky comments about it when the suddenly went to the “Bowl Cam.” This was a camera mounted under a water bowl with a plexiglass bottom so you could watch the puppies drink with their cute little puppy-wuppy tongues. And sometime they’d put their oversized paws in the water. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww!

They everyone else went to bed and I played The Warriors.

The stuff that runs opposite the Superbowl on other channels is funny. TBS ran a Yes, Dear marathon, which is potentially the most sublime thing TBS has ever done.