Pure (PC)

Just got my $5 copy of Pure today from Amazon. After installation, I took a look in the game’s folder:

um, what?

sorry if you are easily offended

The list goes on and on…

Some sort of ban filter of words you can’t use in the game? Is there an online gameplay feature?

I know nothing of the game, though, and am only guessing. Unless this is some obscure joke that I don’t get.

Yeah, it’s obviously some kind of word filter list, although why you would keep such a list client side and in plain text is beyond me.

EDIT: Maybe it’s a directory that was intended for the server and was unintentionally left in the client install?

I agree. Having the list makes perfect sense (assuming it uses a peer to peer network model or a standard PC client server setup where one player runs the ‘server’). But, yeah, having it in plaintext like that does not make sense… it is like some textual Hot Coffee shit just waiting to get blown all out of proportion… the developer and publisher should have known better.

That’s bizarre. It can’t be simply a ban filter (my first thought) because many of those words would be absurd to ban, and it’s way too comprehensive and orderly to be a joke. Maybe it’s a generic ban list which is given to the company to specify for themselves?

EDIT: For those who think it’s a straight filter list… “Beaver”? Really?

Sure… I’ve seen words on such lists that were much more unlikely than beaver.

EDIT: I guess since you’re from New Zealand I should mention beaver is slang for vagina here in the US, in case you were unaware.

That’s the Disney “bad words” list. I’ve worked on products that had to follow it before.

6… 66. The number of the beaaast!

What a weird list.

Pure is Disney published. Whats odd though is how these lists in all languages are just, like others have mentioned, in plain text format for any ol’ kid to stumble upon. Even I’m learning new words. I can imagine Disney would have some angry parents on their hands if any of them discovered this list the game installed on their computer.

Well, I’ll be a schlonging koolielicker… You can’t even say ‘sexy’?

The best part of this is that the directory is “urbandictionary.” Damn inner city minority youths!

Also, bitchin, really? Is that even cussing? I remember that back during the Genesis days in several mags. “Skatin’! Hitchin’! BITCHIN’!”

Heehee. Choad is on the list. Heehee. Mammaries too.

Spanking? This is a game for kids, what if you just got one for yelling about chocolate milk?

Humps is banned! What if you always get stuck on the humps on a certain course?

gay is on the list too

I’ve always wanted to learn how to swear in Dutch. Now, thanks to Disney, I can!

And not to mention… this is a major, Class-A ESRB violation.

Oh lol, thanks but I was well aware. My point was the filter would **** out “beaver” even if used perfectly innocently, and I thought it unlikely, considering it isn’t exactly an uncommon word. The picture made me laugh though :P

$5? Was it the sale of the day for games or something?

yeah, the weekend after black friday amazon really marked it down and by sunday it was five bucks.

Wow, there are words there I don’t know.

Hell one of them is the name of CGI cartoon character on Adult Swim.

chogglepants is NOT on the list!