Pure Pwnage Episode 9

For those who follow this sort of thing, the latest episode of PP is up.

It’s… interesting.


Had I run in to that guy when I lived in Toronto, I feel it would’ve been my duty to make sure no one ever found his body.

It looks like they filmed some of this latest episode in Montreal, Charles. I think I remember seeing a shot of Rue St. Catherine.

As to the episode itself, it’s easily the worst of the bunch. Not sure what they were doing with the superpowers (for lack of a better word) or shooting some scenes from an unspecified camera, as opposed to all of it being shot from Kyle’s camera.

Dang. Haven’t watched this one yet, but was hoping it’d be a return to form. The first 5 or 6 were great, but didn’t care for the past couple at all really.

Are you guys kidding? It started off slow enough, sure, but that kung-fu flashback was great.

I liked Episode 8 a lot beside the dancing Voodoo guys. I felt it was a bit of a return to “just plain gaming fun”. I didn’t like the MMO diversion too much, but it wasn’t horrible.

“Super powers” has me a bit worried. I also liked it’s sort of “blog style” sort of camera shotting as well. I’m downloading it now so I’ll share my impression shortly. Super powers? Say it ain’t so.