Push, Nevada

i am not much of a network TV person, but TiVo had some extra content this month, some of which was about this show…so i watched two episodes tonight and wondered if anyone else did.

the signal to noise ratio on the show’s message board is pretty high, so i thought this might be a good place to ask…

On behalf of my wife, native Nevadan, I must protest the promo announcer’s constant misprounciation of “Nevada.” It is “Nuh VAA duh” not “Nuh VAH duh.” The “a” is short and nasal, like in “apple.”

Now, I normally irritate San Franciscans by purposely calling it “Frisco,” but they aren’t nearly as heavily armed as Nevada is.

I haven’t watched the show, as it didn’t catch my interest and I don’t want to make my wife any madder.

We’ll know when parts of you start showing up in her scrapbooking.

Didn’t see the show, but my guess is its ABC wanting to make a David Lynch show ala Twin Peaks. They ditched Lynch’s Mulholland Drive TV Series (IDIOTS!!!) and instead make a copycat. Thats just my impression. Hey it might be good, but it won’t be a Twin Peaks!

Man, Mulholland Drive would have ROCKED as a TV series.


Bah, who cares how it is pronounced? Nuh-vah-duh sounds ok to me.

In any event, Push Nuh-vah-duh sucks. It’s far worse than any Twin Peaks or X-Files rip-off. The reason is that it combines the two to form the Wonder Twins of Crap TV: weird, quirky middle-of-nowhere town and incomprehensible conspriacy theories hidden within inconceivable conspiracy theories.

Secret hidden organizations abound. A casino/gambling operation accidently reports to an IRS agent that it made (under the table, of course) a crapload of money, making the agent wonder exactly how that much money came about in the first place. Of course, somehow that information got faxed – but no one knows who. IRS agent arrives, people start getting murdered, and the local police act like brainwashed idiots, deferring one murder to of all people three MiBs that work for a secret agency within the Nevada State Game Comission. Pointless mysteries are everywhere, and an organization that has everyone bugged and can influence the high levels of the almighty IRS are omnipotent.

A funeral for my latest cluster of deceased brain cells will be held at Restland on Saturday morning.

— Alan

But you can win a million dollars!

$1,045,000 to be exact (if i have the first episode’s clue correct.)


i’ll agree that it is not very good TV. is is Temptation Island, Dog Eat Dog, or anyone one of the 600,000 other copy-cat POS shows that inhabit Prime Time TV? no. again, i am not much of a network TV viewer, but at least this isn’t full-on in the vein of Reality TV.

that said, it is a nasty mish-mash of cultural themes and icons, which i think comes about b/c the crew of Damon/AFLAC (Affleck –> but wouldn’t he be funnier as the duck?) think they are still in Good Will Humping. “You like apples?..”

  1. main character named James A. Prufrock
  2. casino town called Push.
  3. heavily tatooed auto mechanic names Job.
  4. someone named Caleb, another named Shadrach.
  5. a Trinity of goons from the gambling commission
  6. an ex-wife whore (name Mary?), who poor protagonist Prufrock still pines for
    etc etc etc.

is it Twin Peaks? well, no, mostly b/c it can’t afford to be as obtuse and as hard to follow. this show is for middle america and they need to at least be able to think they can solve the mystery. is it interesting? well, possibly, but i can see that wearing thin after the first commercial break in each show.

we’ll see how much more time i am willing to invest in it. i spent longer last night re-reading Eliot’s poem than i did actually thinking about the show. :wink: