Putting the "Pop" in Pop Music

One of the top ten Billboard songs is actually a commercial for chewing gum:


The musical abortion in question:

Is it supposed to sound like they’re using a vocoder, or are they overdoing the auto-tune?

It’s cheesy pop, don’t ask those questions.

You can thank T-Pain for that trend

Vocoder and vocoder-like effects like talkboxes have made somewhat of a comeback.

“Believe” by Cher was the first time I remember hearing a vocoder in a #1 song. Soon after, Bart Simpson and the Party Posse took it to daring new heights.

Fits safely in the 99% of pop music that is crap.

This just makes me want to yell at a contact mike.

My boy Stevie shows these fools how to rock a vocoder like 35 years ago and shit.

Your boy Stevie is rocking a talkbox, not a vocoder.

Give him a break, he’s blind!

While we’re having this conversation, we might as well include Roger Troutman/Zapp

I have a high tolerance for crappy pop music, but that Chris Brown song is terrible. It just makes me think of that Cher song.

Daft Punk did the song I remember it in. Plus the video has a bit of an X-Com vibe (note how the aliens exit their craft near the end).

Doesn’t pretty much every Daft Punk song have that effect?

Technically that effect is generated with pitch-correcting software, not a vocoder.

As far as the contemporary popular music scene goes, the important thing is that “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” had it, which leads to Kanye West’s “Stronger”

For the record, if you’re going to be outraged at commercials climbing the pop charts and other fluff, the time to get pissed about it was about 1955 or so. Perhaps earlier, given such songs as “My Merry Old Oldsmobile”.

In other words, this is about as new a phenomenon as oxygen and dirt.

I love have the anime videos connect*. That’s cool. I hadn’t seen a Daft Punk video sense Around the World (which is about the last time I watched MTV).

*Does anyone know the order they are supposed to be watched in?

Find a track listing for the album “Discovery” and watch them in album order. The whole thing is an animated movie made to animate the album.