Puzzle Quest 2

It is out today. Anyone manage to get a copy of it?


Well if you manage to put some time into it let us know how it is. Looking at some of the videos the game play seems about the same which is good.

Hopefully this is more Puzzle Quest 1 and less “That shitty sci fi Spin off”

I’m waiting for the PC version they announced for later this summer.


FWIW, Puzzle Quest 2 is both better than and worse than Puzzle Quest 1. But it’s nowhere near as inventive or clever as Galatrix.


Hopefully it’s not the embarrassing shit-pile dumped on us that was the “coding” job they did on the DS SKU of Galactrix.

I’ve played it for the last month or so and agree. I kind of dig the closer AD&D style maps.

If there’s anything like spell training or crafting like in the first one, my time is gone. I’ll have to pick it up this weekend.

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen all the side activities, and those of you big fat whiny babies who cried about the timed gate hacking in Galactrix will be pleased to know there are no timed or respawning activities in Puzzle Quest 2. Ya big babies!


Want this for the iPhone 4 or PC, maybe 360 in a weak moment. But DS? No thanks. Didn’t much like the original on it (PSP!)

I think I am playing Puzzle Quest 1 all wrong. I seemed to be only using Stun and Trample spells. The rest of the spells are pretty pointless, to me… thus I find that this game is very, very long and I am struggling to complete it. Did I do it all wrong? Coz I don’t see what’s the big deal about this game.

play warrior, once you get deathblow it’s GG.

Has a PC release date been announced?

No specified date, but it will be a day 1 purchase for me when it happens.

Great gravy? Greasy girlfriend?

Giggity giggity?

gg n00bz!
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Any word on an Xbox Live Arcade release? If it’s coming to XBLA eventually, I’ll just wait.

It is coming June 30th:

Don’t be fooled by the box that says “Available platforms” and only lists the DS version, when you click that it takes you to the DS layout and changes that Link to XBLA, it just switches back and forth.