Puzzle Quest 3 and the obscenity of free-to-play games

I’ve been playing PQ3 for a couple days now, and the F2P gating seems obscene. I quickly run out of chest space because my minions take over a day to open them, and then are on cooldown for another day. Any players that aren’t willing to pay to open a chest (at $7 a pop!) cannot progress the story because you need better gear to take on enemies, so you very quickly run out of actual useful things to do. Am I really only meant to play three games of this a day if I am not a whale?

No thanks.

That’s disappointing, but not surprising to hear, alas.

the game works fine if you just keep playing and let your chests go. It’s a crappy practice for sure but it’s mostly psychological and can be skipped. Many games use the same tactic. You can progress with some of the stuff you get from outside chests as well, and also eventually get more chest slots without paying.

Long and short of it, like most of these mobile/f2p games, if you don’t want to pay you just play in short bursts and it works fine. Use your gold and crystals (the stuff you gain over time without paying) in the daily shop to get keys and mats every chance you can.

We have a kingdom created at OO fwiw. Also friend me if you want to party, HARKONIS_SSXN

It also feeds into people’s need to progress with everything they do which bothers me. I play games to have fun, not to make numbers go up and unlock things. Some people (and it sounds like this is how you feel) get no enjoyment from a game if they don’t earn something from everything they do in it. If I like the gameplay and have fun, I play it. If I don’t, I don’t. I don’t stop playing a game just because I’m max level or unlocked everything and I don’t keep playing a game I don’t enjoy because I haven’t hit the numbers I wanted.