Puzzle Quest like game that isn’t Puzzle Quest?


Its on sale!!!

It too was free a couple of days ago on EGS!

Gems of War can keep you busy for a hundred hours if you like it.

I just saw @Profanicus already mentioned it, but it’s really great if you can ignore all the shop ads. There’s a lengthy single player campaign and fun bonus missions.

I’m pretty sure the campaign stuff scales to your power level too. It’s a good thing in this game.

Does GoW have an ad removal IAP? How does it compare to the gacha RNG BS of Puzzle & Dragons?

This is a great answer. Unfortunately, it looks like Ubisoft may have stopped supporting the iOS version. Booooooo.

Steam version still works!

Haven’t tried it, but the recent reviews say it often doesn’t. :(

Which is why it wasn’t my initial answer.

I just was able to start it up just now after re-downloading it.

That was great. I played it a ton back in the day.

There’s one of these about fighting mechs, isn’t there? I seem to remember people quite liked that one.

Gems of War would be my recommendation. Of the similar games I’ve played, it’s the most similar to Puzzle Quest.

Ironcast. It was mentioned above. It’s pretty good.

At one point I liked the gacha of P&Z. It was fun to try to figure out how to beat dungeons to get materials to craft up whatever the heck I wanted to beat the next dungeon.

At the time I played it, I didn’t find however you earn currency to be much of a big deal. The big problem for me eventually was that it at some point felt like I had to do runs every 24 hours to grind out materials, and there’s a point where enjoyment turns into resentment, so I deleted it.

But it was fun while it lasted, and I think I played for about a year or so.

GoW felt like less good more of the same, so I only lasted a month or two there.


This game looks similar to the above.

It’s actually pretty good. And on Apple Arcade too.

That looks kinda cool. Txs!

Yeah, it’s crazy we don’t have a lot of those games at least on mobile. All we get are f2p always online grindfests. You can’t just buy a good game like this.

I can’t believe they haven’t ported the original puzzle quest to android. It would sell like hotcakes. I have to use a PSP emulator and miss the ease of use.

They actually did port it to an ancient android, but it’s not supported and delisted. I even played it on JavaME phones!

There’s also this.