PvZ: Battle for Neighborville (Garden Warfare 3)

I should tell my brother about this game. PvZ: Garden Warfare 2 is one of his favorite games, and he can play it with his kids and in front of his kids.

But from a purely selfish point of view, maybe I won’t tell him. It might distract him from playing Gears 5 with me.

Only spent a little time with this so far, but its just as good as I remember.

This will end up being my multiplayer goty.

So I just did a multi-level quest in town center to get a hat for a lawnmower. Holy crap so fun. So far my go to, like in the last game, is still the pea shooter.

So far there’s only one multiplayer mode, and I can’t seem to select to do it only with bots, so I’m hoping that’s coming.

I think there’s a offline/ai bots option in the world options menu (that glowing globe at home base).

So far that’s only for Giddy Park, it seems.

Am I the only one thinks its weird that this is a standalone game instead of an expansion?

All that progress and customization will be lost in time, like tears in the rain. Now I buy.

Yep, but it also happened with Garden Warfare 1.

I am not playing much Neighborville until the October patch drops, the tiny mushroom is so OP right now.

Didn’t GW2 coincide with the new hardware gen, though?

Anyway, my kiddo is thrilled with it so far. Me, I suck at shooting things(*) so I’ll probably mostly do AI-assisted things.

(*) Probably why I enjoyed PlanetSide 2 so much - my outfit covered up my horribleness nicely and never complained :)

Nope, you’re thinking of the first game. It came out in Feb 2014, a few months after this generation started, and it came out for both 360/PS3 as well as XB1/PS4.

So I streamed a bunch of this this morning and it’s just getting better and better though.

I’ve a question though. Does anyone know if, like GW2, we’ll be able to play the multiplayer modes solely with bots? I’ve yet to find anything on this. Thanks!

If the answer to this is “no”, this is going to be a really disappointing step backwards since the last game. :(


Yes indeed, I’m really enjoying the questing zones.

100% agreed. It was your review and subsequent thread that convinced me of GW2’s amazingness. I’d hate for them to take a massive step back and not have the amazing, AMAZING bots from the previous games.

Oh yeah, the PVE zones are so fun, and the new multiplayer modes are great too. I LOVE ops so far.

Welp, their website isn’t helpful, and I couldn’t find forums or anything, so I joined their Discord and asked in their “ask-devs” channel. I’ll let y’all know if they answer me.

Holy geez there IS a forum, which I only found via the Discord.

No one seems to know about anything regarding bots there either.

4v4 battle arena.

I haven’t been on in a week, I get on and the game is all Halloween decorated now!

Awe yeah!

3 days till official launch!

That is a wonderful trailer. Very excited!