PvZ: Battle for Neighborville (Garden Warfare 3)

Holy geez there IS a forum, which I only found via the Discord.

No one seems to know about anything regarding bots there either.

4v4 battle arena.

I haven’t been on in a week, I get on and the game is all Halloween decorated now!

Awe yeah!

3 days till official launch!

That is a wonderful trailer. Very excited!

Are there bots yet?


Still unclear. Last I played a week ago, there was still no private/solo option on the multiplayer portal. However the PvE town areas and the park have bots, so I’m not sure if they’ll be coming to the PvP modes as well.

So yeah, still no private/solo mode at the multiplayer portal. I hope they add bots because that was the primary reason I loved GW2 so much, because I could play on my own time with amazing bots and still feel challenged.

As far as I can tell, you can only play the main park area with AI.
Everything else needs people.

Yeah, Giddy Park lets you play with AI, and of course there are the PvE areas of the Town Center, so sure there ARE bots, I just don’t get their exclusion from the multiplayer modes.

Sigh, still no bots in multiplayer modes. Killed it for me.

My kid is my multiplayer bot. But, yes, no other non player bots.

This is the kind of game we will go in and have some fun for an hour or two and then not go in for another month…but do this over a few years of play. Kind of worth it. Without the kid, would never play this, even with Multi bots…just too cutesy.

Is this B2P or F2P?

You buy it, and unlock stuff slowly over time. People suspect that they might add shortcut microtransactions in the future in order to unlock stuff faster.

(I have not played it, just recounting what I’ve read).

PvZ: GW2 had the option to buy the in-game currency you used to buy card packs. I imagine it’ll be the same sort of thing here.

Now on Origin & EA Access.

There’s also this thing and 12 vs 12 multiplayer turf takeover.

Did anyone like that Dreadwood fight?

It’s probably among the top 3 worst bosses of the year for me, but I was playing solo.

I’ve sadly not touched it in months. Lack of bots in multiplayer killed it for me.

Coming to STEAM! June 4th.

Hmmm seems a whole pile of games from EA are headed to Steam on June 4th!