Q about the Live Vision Camera

Does the thing work well as a regular USB Webcam? I need to buy one and was thinking about buying the Live Vision one so I can use it on the 360 as well as on the PC…and maybe the PS3 as well?

Has anyone tried this?

Haven’t tried it but it is also supposed to work as a PC camera as well. I’m assuming that means it would work for the PS3 as well…

Works fine. Only negative compared to recent PC webcams is that it doesn’t have a built-in microphone.

Oh, just an addendum to this just in case anyone is looking into a USB Camera to use with a PS3…it looks like only the Eyetoy is recognized for now on the PS3 side…BUT, they’re supposedly adding support for regular USB Cameras in the March update.

Also I’ve read a few posts that say it doesnt work in Vista, if you are upgrading you might want to look elsewhere.

Webcam only works with USB 2. :(

…actually, it looks like today’s PS3 update added support for USB Webcams.

Hmm, I guess it’s not part of the March update after all :)

edit: USB Webcams that conform to the USB Video Device Class spec (ie. Doesn’t need additional drivers to function properly)