Q: Can w-less and wired LAN connections have the same

…fixed IP address, as long as both aren’t being used simultaneously? I ask because currently this machine I’m writing from has a wireless connection only (i.e. there is no ethernet cable plugged into the back of my machine, just a wireless G USB adapter). I like having fixed network IP addresses for bittorrent purposes, so do I have to make sure the wireless connection has an IP address distinct from the wired ones in my network, even on the same machine? Right now the wireless is getting its IP address automatically, but now I’m thinking that might be the reason for some flaky wireless behavior of late (because of a network address conflict depending on which computer was turned on).

I guess I just assumed that the onboard (wired) networking in this computer would share its properties with the wireless connection, but my network connections control panel tells me different. The documentation that came with the wireless router and adapter didn’t go into any of this stuff, unfortunately.

Anyway, any help would be appreciated.


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Thanks for your succinct answer! So no problem sharing-good.

well, it doesn’t make any difference to the router or other computers on the network if both adapters have the same IP address. However, on the machine itself, it may complain that two adapters have the same IP, and it might have an internal routing problem - maybe - in deciding which network interface to route packets out of. You’d think “Obviously, the connected one!” but it might not always behave as you’d expect.

So, if you actually disable the non-used connection rather than leave it in a live but disconnected state, you’ll avoid this. Just right click the connection and hit disable.

Cool, thanks for the tip.