Q for someone who knows: denied credit on Google Fi, how soon can I retry?

Is it 30 days or something before they actually try again? Because for now I’m “pre-tainted” I guess. Read on…

Background: I’m trying to get the Pixel 5a with 5G for the really substantial discount you get if you buy it on time and switch your carrier to Fi. I’ve had my credit frozen for years, and I screwed up the “temporary lift” of the freeze on Experian, which is the company that Google says it uses. I was doing it over the phone and everything seemed to be going fine, but abruptly the voicemail system directed me to the website to do it. Anyway the details aren’t that important. I know I have good credit–the problem was that the freeze lift wasn’t in effect when their system tried to get my info.

Bottom line, the Google Fi site now just shuts me down and says I have to pay the full price for the phone up front, which would be fine if they gave me the awesome discount but of course they don’t. Their CSRs said there’s no way that they could manually “reset” things to try again once I’d fixed the problem. Would a calendar month be long enough for their systems to reset automatically?

Have you considered MINT mobile? :)

The money you would save over 2 years, would more than make up for the “savings” offered by Google on the 5a5g with that 24 month contract.

Heh indeed. I know it doesn’t solve Papa’s issue, and I don’t have any idea how long GFi holds on to things, but I’m paying $45/month for two lines–one with 15Gb of data, the other with 4Gb (because I don’t use my phone for much) with Mint. T-Mobile/Sprint network coverage up here isn’t as good as it could be if they used Verizon access instead, but given the cost difference it is well worth it to me.

Are they using the same networks as Fi, and more importantly can I get a 5a with 5G from them? I’d have to compare plans to see if I’d get similar data and tethering. I’m single so I don’t have family discounts to take advantage of.

Doesn’t look like they even support the 5a with 5G, actually.

Yep its the Tmobile network used by Google Fi and MINT.
Not sure about the phone, I think only Google sells the 5a5g right now.

Google Fi actually uses both the TMobile and the Sprint networks simultaneously, with the coverage for Fi being the combined coverage of both.

Oh, but I guess they merged? So Whatever?

So what do other companies do when checking credit? How often will they pay to check a credit report? I realize it costs them money so they probably don’t want to try again immediately, but writing off a potential customer forever is probably also counterproductive.

I’m actually gonna look into this. Thanks :)