QoS and Bittorrent

I set up QoS on my router (via DD-WRT), and it’s working great. One exception - uTorrent.

I want to set my BitTorrent traffic to Bulk, but here’s the issue: the best way to manage it would be to use the L7 filter, because that identifies the application traffic by looking at the packet. I use protocol encryption, however, so I’m pretty sure that won’t work. This leaves me with a port-based approach, but that doesn’t seem to be effective: uTorrent allows me to set a port on which to listen for incoming connections, but as soon as it starts connecting to peers and uploading it opens a shitload of connections on all sorts of ports, which the QoS is doing nothing to stop.

Is there a solution I’m missing?

I think on my router, I labeled ALL traffic as bulk, and then elevated certain protocols to normal.

edit: so, yeah, all encrypted packets go across as bulk.

any guides anywhere on how to setup this with my dd-wrt?