QT3 2020 Democratic Vote Closes 7pm PST Feb 15th

Ok QT3 let’s see how we fare. In hindsight we should have done this before Iowa, but better late than never. Let us see how we predict the future.

These candidates are still listed as active here on Feb 12, 9pm PST

  • Joseph Biden
  • Michael Bloomberg
  • Pete Buttigieg
  • Tulsi Gabbard
  • Amy Klobuchar
  • Tom Steyer
  • Elizabeth Warren
  • Bernie Sanders

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To be clear, is this who we want to win, or who we think will win?

While I believe it’s best if you vote for who you want to win, really it’s your vote

Who I want to win, who I’ll vote for , and who I think will win are three different things.

Yes and you have to make a decision here if you want your vote counted

We need ranked choice ;) I’m still for Warren, but I will likely switch to Klobuchar or Buttigeig when the primaries reach my state, depending on which is most viable. I really don’t want Sanders to win.

(Standard caveat – I will absolutely vote for the nominee in November, whether it’s Warren, Sanders, Christopher Meloni, a three-legged dog, some limericks or a bag of angry squirrels).

You and me both. Need to get Wumpus on it. The only way to do ranked choice was to have everyone give their vote and then tabulate it later and I think that voting needs to be done closed so people aren’t as influenced by what others say!

This forum needs a “yes, those are my thoughts too” button.

538 stated that this was a use of bad polling.

Damn, now I want to switch my vote to “bag of angry squirrels.”


  1. Warren
  2. Most viable non-Sanders choice at that time
  3. Bag of angry squirrels.

The bag of angry squirrels shares my values but is politically inexperienced, I’m hoping it runs again in 2028.

And yes, as others have said, in the general it really is “anyone but Trump.”

Tulsi is still on the list.

Also, Mix Master-P and the Booty Judges all the way.

Nah, I prefer the campaign slogan “Vote Bag of Angry Squirrels. Even Cthulhu is afraid of them!”

Is this for QT3 or the QT3 segment that can vote? Asking for a friend.

Haven’t you read the pinned intro post? Everyone here is over 18 (or capable of pretending to be over 18). Ergo, everyone here can vote, since not being able to vote would mean admitting you weren’t of age to be here ;).

Well, but we have a lot of non-US people here too. So they CAN vote, just not against Trump.

Well, @perky_goth just said “that could vote” so I figured as citizens of QT3 they had a right to vote in the QT3 primary regardless of any secondary nationality. :)

If I recall, credible news reports had buses of Mexicans being brought into the country to vote against Trump last presidential election, and the deep state was fine with that. If they can vote (and why would those sources lie about a thing like this? What’s the angle?), I don’t see why non-US QT3ers can’t.

Fair points.


I don’t see erect feces on that list.