QT3 addiction

I discovered the QT3 forum about six months ago, and my life has changed. Back then, I kept up with the news of the world, did my work with droning efficiency, and came home to watch a bit of television or do some computer gaming. Now I am a broken man. I have tried to read the more than 7,000 posts of Bill Dungsroman. I laugh at K0NY’s transparent attempts at viral marketing. I dream of Tom Chick. And, at some dark depth of my soul, I, too, vote to stake fire.

I tried to quit once, but in my withdrawal I saw Flowers crawling on the ceiling. Now I spend more time in a day reading your posts than I do actually playing games. This forum is worse than any MMO.

So I’ve come to terms with my problem. I am Nelson, and I am a QT3-holic. Do you have the same problem? Maybe we can talk.


You weren’t hallucinating.

Problem? I don’t have any problem. I can quit whenever I want.

Right after I finish refereeing the second Thing game, harassing people in the Tokyo Games Show thread, posting my crap celebrity encounters, looking at pretty pictures, scrutinizing all the Company of Heroes strategy tips, posting bad gossip about the PS3 launch, and relishing my new 1,500-post “Neo Acoustic” title.

Haha, I’ve been checking QT3 quite a bit of late, but really only during slow days at work. If I find an interesting article on Wikipedia I usually read that instead. At home, I do prefer to play games or do other stuff than check QT3, but I’m ok, I think.

More so now that I’m playing the Thing game.

• I met QT3’ers in person
• I played a vampire game
• I was blacklisted from my other favorite board.

I am now officially obsessed. Climb, post count, climb!


I may or may not have inadvertently and not on purpose told a paying sponsor of that site to suck my cock.



I thought he was a spammer.

Damn. It’s like pulling teeth.

Forget it… ::sigh::

I saw an art exhibit a couple years ago in a museum in Israel called Preservation of Beauty. It was 900 flowers pressed behind a sheet of clear acrylic covering a plaster wall. The flowers were moldy and the mold was running down the wall in these green and fuscia mucusy stripes.

I can spend hours every day at this place during the summer, but when I’m at school I tone it down. With LSATs and apps coming I haven’t been able to post as much as I like. So, I put 30 minutes to an hour, but it’s probably closer to 20-40 minutes.

I don’t post as much as I probably could (which is probably for the best). But yeah, I find myself just wandering back here far to frequently to see if any funny or interesting stuff has popped up since the last time I checked the site.

Did you know I have the second most posts on this forum? Doesn’t seem right, does it?

We always need more Marylanders at QT3. Everyone knows we’re the most level-headed inmates at the asylum.

Erik J.

Who is No. 1?

Rimbo: Pull up a chair, grab some moonshine and tell the whole story.

fire: Not bad for modern art.


Jason McP&R.

Poor Tyler.

We always need more Marylanders at QT3.

QFT. Free Staters represent! What county are you from? I think Troy is from Bethesda.

And P&R is the only place I avoid here. I get enough ranting at work.


I have to say I’ve been reading this board for three years semi-regularly. Not because it’s a particularly good place for gaming news (thought it’s alright), and not because it’s particularly full of insightful opinion (thought it’s alright occasionally there too), but because it’s full of the crankiest fucking nerds this side of John Dvorak. So, it’s a pretty entertaining read.