Qt3 AFL 2021 (Still Semi-Pro, Still Semi-Interesting)

The 2021 Qt3 American Football League Season has begun!

Camp will begin in a week. In the meantime, we recognize our 2020 champion who has won the Wumpus Discourse Memorial Trophy ™ in last year’s Champion Bowl™ .

“Congratulations, @gutsball! You b****! We are all gunning for you! Watch your back!”

Our Champion

Now with those pleasantries out of the way let’s look at this year’s teams.

Our owners (in order above):

Offseason League notes (these are rolling in…):

  • Skipper’s Deadskins are now the Serious Team Deadskins (STDs) with a new logo. They’re positively infectious and plan to inject you with some pigskin toughness!

  • We welcome moneybags beer brewer @kelan as a new owner, who has purchased the Rshetts and renamed them Roo’s Brew Crew. They are refurbishing their stadium but are being courted by St. Louis and Milwaukee.

Welcome back owners and any viewers from 2020. Stay tuned as we hold league meetings and argue about merchandise sales, profit sharing and the draft.

It’s sad to see all this corporate money flooding the league and forcing out the family-owned teams.

Corporate sponsors are pouring in, shortly the Mountain Men will be revealing their new partnership. It is a hot one too!

Is it … The Mountain Dew Men?

Side note-- is there a good way to read Qt3 on mobile?

Other than chrome or whatnot, not that I am aware of.

Draft talk begins.

When do we wanna do the draft, y’all? Chime in please?

I think it’s time to talk about this because I get to see on Saturday how awesome Justin Fields is and slowly begin making my list of QBs the Phins could have drafted in a two year period who are head and shoulders above Tua.

[writes] Herbert,…

I hope as awesome as can be. And I hope the Bears front office doesn’t break him either.

Anyhow as for time I don’t think there is much differentiation for me. Preferably not between 6-8pm PST/9-11pm EST. Other than that it’s open.

It’s just difficult with dinner and getting the 3 monsters in bed is all.

Noted. Now he’s not playing tomorrow, either. Rip off…

I think that it’s better to wait until closer to the season starting just for injuries.

That said, I am pretty flexible. Is everyone in the US?

Very, especially since auto-draft is a thing. I’m in 4 different leagues this year. I’m sure at least one I’ll miss the draft.

I have a draft on Aug 28th at 6:45pm EST and Sep 5th at 8:00pm EST.

Next week I start a Sun-Thu work schedule and get up at 4:15am EST for work, so any draft that starts after 8:00pm Sat-Wed I would most likely auto-draft. I know my schedule isn’t exactly flexible and a little unusual so I don’t have a problem doing that. I can set up my rankings ahead of time and that isn’t a problem at all. For some reason, I tend to do better on leagues I auto-draft, lol.

I can be very flexible, but I would plead for a draft as late as possible due to the injury factor.

US-based to answer Lantz.

Ok, a lotta chiming in has been had. The theme from the Owners? “Whenevs, but how ‘bout after the preseason games bc injury.”




  • SAT SEP 4, 2021
  • SUN SEP, 2021

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Both work for me, so I will not vote to make it more obvious what works for the most people. If it’s tied I would break it to Sunday :)

Not super strong preference, mind, but that works out ok for me. I’ll throw some food at the kids faces and call it a day ;)

Both times fit very well for me! Going to refrain from voting…

Oh and assuming that Sun is Sep 5th :)

You owners…

Ok, look be like Al.


Then at least we’ll have a baseline that can be altered. If everyone keeps deferring to each other you could end up like them!