Qt3 AFL 2021 (Still Semi-Pro, Still Semi-Interesting)

The 2021 Qt3 American Football League Season has begun!

Camp will begin in a week. In the meantime, we recognize our 2020 champion who has won the Wumpus Discourse Memorial Trophy ™ in last year’s Champion Bowl™ .

“Congratulations, @gutsball! You b****! We are all gunning for you! Watch your back!”

Our Champion

Now with those pleasantries out of the way let’s look at this year’s teams.

Our owners (in order above):

Offseason League notes (these are rolling in…):

  • Skipper’s Deadskins are now the Serious Team Deadskins (STDs) with a new logo. They’re positively infectious and plan to inject you with some pigskin toughness!

  • We welcome moneybags beer brewer @kelan as a new owner, who has purchased the Rshetts and renamed them Roo’s Brew Crew. They are refurbishing their stadium but are being courted by St. Louis and Milwaukee.

Welcome back owners and any viewers from 2020. Stay tuned as we hold league meetings and argue about merchandise sales, profit sharing and the draft.

It’s sad to see all this corporate money flooding the league and forcing out the family-owned teams.

Corporate sponsors are pouring in, shortly the Mountain Men will be revealing their new partnership. It is a hot one too!

Is it … The Mountain Dew Men?

Side note-- is there a good way to read Qt3 on mobile?

Other than chrome or whatnot, not that I am aware of.