Qt3 AFL 2021 (Still Semi-Pro, Still Semi-Interesting)

Hey man, I voted! But this is like choosing between a quality porter or a stout. I’ll have a preference, but I won’t be disappointed with either outcome ;)

I’ll have to autodraft if we do Sunday. But in all honesty, that’ll probably land me a better team than if I were in charge.

I can’t do Saturday but I can do Sunday. I’m traveling during that Saturday timeframe.

OK abstaining owners, break the tie.

That means you @Skipper !

And @Lantz. If we’re still tied, we’ll have a coin flip in accordance with proud league tradition.

I just want to say, I’m fine with auto-draft too. Take whatever the consensus is for sure.

I’m going to beat you like a broken coverage ;)

That said @Lantz also said this:

So Sunday? There doesn’t seem to be much strong one day over the other, but it does seem Sunday is a slight preference overall. But come in man, don’t dither in the backfield, pick a lane and run for it!

Tradition dictates I fake a jet sweep before the handoff to make sure all gaps are closed.

I voted sunday

Just don’t run any bubble screens


Don’t make me bring back the counter trey.

The Qt3 American Football League Draft will be held on Sunday, September 5, 2021 and will begin at 1600 EST

That is all. Link forthcoming sooner rather than later.

I think we should keep track of which teams were auto-drafted in order to see how well they perform against human-drafted teams at the end of the season.

Judging by my team last year, not well!

Granted 4 of my top 5 ‘drafts’ spent significant time out with injury, plus the auto draft loves running backs. Can’t get enough of them. So for the love of GSH set some parameters for yours otherwise it will go absolute ham on RBs until like round 5.

Can’t remember if it is possible with the league setup we have, but I would appreciate if we could generate the draft order ahead of time instead of it generating last minute. Makes it easier to prepare for the inevitable fact that I will end up drafting while dealing with some kid disaster.

If possible, it shall be done.

The Draft Order, based on last year’s final standings. Snaking Draft (like last year). No keepers.

Keepers or no? I got a message from Yahoo that said keepers.

To get a custom draft (and then provide a draft order in advance to everyone) I had to allow them…freaking Yahoo. But then I set the amount of Keepers each team could have at 0.